'Richard' was the Supreme God that ended itself

This is going in the water cooler because it’s so unprovable in normal terms.

Tripping today, it occurred to me the complete lack of anything close to a god in there.

Which had me thinking back to when I was tripping without psychedelics in 2002.

There was no god then either. Despite “talking with God” all I found was the “over self”; versions of me which I called “God”.

This is very interesting though. Because when I was a Christian, there was a God. How do I know? Because Christianity changed very dramatically in the early 90s. I am going to obviously say 92.
What do I mean changed?

I was a part of the most radical, extreme version of Christianity called “pentacostalism”; which is what you may have seen still going around but in a very muted state; falling down, “slain in the spirit” , demon possession, talking in tongues, prophecy etc et al. I have seen half of a stadium fall down “in the spirit”.

Yet, in 1993, something changed in me. It was sometime around then that I first questioned Christianity. Now, thinking back, something also changed in the churches I was involved in.

They went from the “freaky” direct spiritual type, to the charismatic business type.

The timing is uncanny. I had not thought about it before.

Richard claimed that he ended the ability of humans to become “fully enlightened”. I would say he ended more than that. He ended the entire being called “God” by any name.

It was significant that no matter how I tried in 2002, oneness with God was fleeting at best and actually resulted in the experience that later allowed me to continue searching.

8 seconds of peace.

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