Resource: Questions to Richard and Vineeto, from Alan and Dona’s trip 2017

This was instrumental to a lot of people so I figured I’d put it here as well (is it linked from the AFT?). @Alanji let me know if you don’t want it linked for any reason, like bandwidth.

Questions to Richard and Vineeto


Nice good idea - I think we need a tag that is just for sharing interesting things or prompting discussions. I could see a “resource” tag just for this case but it wouldn’t fit in the broader category of “here’s an interesting article”. This wouldn’t fit in question or diary or any of existing tags …

Any thoughts?

Some kind of core-resources tag? There are some other basics that I think we’ll have to add specially for those who enter from something other than the AFT website.

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No problem Emp.

I was thinking of adding an “actualism resources” category like I have on my website just yesterday. :joy:

Ok ‘resource’ tag added , will update the main post :smiley:

will need to think about the other one… i would say ‘discussion’ but everything is discussion lol.

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As per geoffrey’s Video, there was a Dona and Alan question and answer session in the
year 2016 ( not just 2017 ) if I am right ( at least that is what geoffrey said in his zoom video.

I there is a way to get the 2016 meeting transcript ( talking about " Simple Good Feeling" os Actualism.
Geoffrey was very fond of the content of this meeting.

I would very much appreciate it.

Geoffrey can be wrong, you know. :wink: I think this is the event he was referring to in his video.

Looking at the doc now, it does have “2017” written all over it hahaha.

awe man…we can’t worship Geoffrey now…he’s got such a great beard…and those AF eyes!

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