Resetting password not working

Perhaps I am using the wrong email, but transfering to a new phone isn’t going well.

It seems to recognise my email, but no reset email is received.

Any ideas?

Hmm did it go to spam by any chance?

No, but I have checked now. I will give it another go tomorrow. Cheers

Let us know

Discourse probably gives a positive on any email input for password reset as a security measure. Try another email if the reset doesn’t work.

Also Possible the Actualism wiki spam is flooding and killing the mail server …

Anyone have the bandwidth to look into it?

Unfortunately I won’t be able to devote time to this or to the ConfirmAccount extension until I can restore and reconfigure another site that just went down…

I checked my account settings, and it is the primary email I am using.

I will keep trying to remember what password I used.

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I was able to link a google account using my old phone, and sign in to the app using google on my new phone.

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