Replying/commenting on a specific message

So I was just reading some of Geoffrey’s post on the differences between enlightement/actual freedom and I wanted to reply to that specific message and not necessarily to the whole thread below if that makes sense? This is something that was possible on slack, is there a way to the the same on this forum?

So essentially I am talking about creating like a mini thread under each message entry in order to be able to reply to a specific part of the thread and for it not to go the the very bottom where it might appear out of context.

I guess the other option of doing this is for me to simply quote which message I am replying to and send this at the bottom of the whole thread but the way it was possible on slack to reply to each specific message and open up a sub-thread was pretty handy I thought.

Yes, although with a different arrangement than in Slack and with limits, in these forums it works like this.
There are TWO type of Replay buttons:

  • The bottom one (in this forum, blue; to the right of Flag, Bookmark and Share buttons) destined to respond TO THE TOPIC (all of them treat with the topic). If you hover the mouse over it you’ll see the “Begin composing a reply to this topic”.

  • The posts one (in this forum, uncolored; to the right of the three dots in EVERY post) destined to respond TO THAT POST (all of those buttons deal with the post). If you hover the mouse over it you’ll see the “Begin composing a reply to this post”.

In this post I’m writing, I decided (as we could in Slack too) to answer you using the TOPIC Replay.

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Here is a screenshot of what a reply to Rick from Srinath and Felix looks like having them used his post button instead of the topic button.


BUT that’s it in terms of nested messages. As you can see, @Kub933, Srintah’s and Felix’s answers have not a Reply button. Discourse was created on what’s known as a flat design. There are no nested threads, but the threading tend to be clear from formatting.

As you can see, those answers are shown inside of ricks’, but in the very bottom of that picture you can see also the real message of Srinath (“Coffee?”), the one which do has its buttons, to which you could reply, etc.

But there’s more concerning threads/replies. Here you can read about it and why this design has been adopted:

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Many thanks @Miguel that answers my question perfectly :smiley:

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