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The real world was looking overwhelming today and now I understand why. It was my own fear that was enhancing the real world. My money is losing value and this is causing fear and that brings up other issues like the pandemic, potential war and the climate. Not to mention insurmountable debt in this country and the world. And then there is father time which is catching up to me.
In actuality I still have plenty money and the world is not ending and I am healthy right now which is all there is. There is really nothing to fear right now.


The real-world /actual-world split has way more to do with the felt meanings of whatever events than it does to do with the events themselves.

There doesn’t have to be suffering in going broke. Maybe it will happen. Right now your money is going down but assuming you’re talking about investments, there’s no way to know what it will do tomorrow. Maybe it will shoot up. If it shoots up that still doesn’t tell you much about what will happen the next day. So, why feel so much about it?

The investment in feeling a lot about it is what forms the real world.

Unidirectional fascination in what is happening, now, is where the actual is. Any arrangement of events, facts, things, can be fascinating. It’s just a question of having the eyes for it.

Just idly watching with everything equally important – or unimportant. But you are not specifically important at that moment … which could be why you think it to be a ‘bird’s-eye view’ … but it’s actually you as a person taking a back step and the body – the senses – are experiencing everything as they can experience it without ‘you’ around. The ‘interpreter’ who normally does the focusing.

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@henryyyyyyyyyy Yes, your first sentence says it all:
“The real-world /actual-world split has way more to do with the felt meanings of whatever events than it does to do with the events themselves.”

James: Yes, w/o the feelings about them then the real world events are just a passing show.

A guy I went to school with is a true believer. He won’t stop trying to ‘save’ me even though I have asked him to. I guess if there was no ‘me’ this wouldn’t bother me but it does bother me. I want him to stop and he won’t stop. He told me that he won’t stop. I have awakened in the middle of the night with this on my mind. ‘I’ am bothered by it. He won’t even take the vaccine for covid due to his beliefs even though another school acquaintance of ours has just died from it. This is scary to me. To stop talking to him altogether doesn’t seem like a good solution. My best solution is to become free. In the meantime what am I to do?

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That would be a great story:

– How did you become actually free? You got tired of feeling a self? Of going in and out of PCEs? Altruism?
– No, no. I couldn’t tolerate anymore someone who wanted to save my soul, and I found no other option… :roll_eyes:

Well… If he was someone aggressive or really obsessive (in the sense of not talking about anything else constantly) I guess you wouldn’t hesitate to “stop talking to him altogether”. Assuming then that this is not the case, it seems like a good opportunity to avoid getting upset and investigate the causes of why the situation bothers you so much, right?

There is a desert of the real. Where all the drama becomes like a mirage.

How rotten that he would want to save you into the putrid abomination that is his life.

Ditch that sucker. A tree is better company. I ditched a friend, my closest friend since i was twelve years old, over a year ago. Because i saw that all i was to him was another sucker to feed his delusion of being something special.

Launch. Cut him out. Tell him to fuck off.

There is nothing more pathetic than trying to save people, even worse wanting to be saved.

Don’t forget how little we think of Alan. How he wanted to save and be someone, when in our own way, we saw through that shit. That shit is us. You and me. Pathetically waiting for something or someone.

Loneliness is not being alone. It is not being here as what we are.

Tap into that anger, and let it fly. Then, see that you craved it all along. Then, look at the next tree you see and think “what if that tree is the centre of it all?” Wouldn’t that be something? Here i am, with the tree at the centre of it all!!! :joy:

@Miguel Yes, that is well said Miguel. I think the situation bothers me because of my resistance to authority. He wants to impose his will on me even though it is against my will. If ‘I’ have no resistance then it will be like water off a duck’s back.


@Andrew It doesn’t seem like actualism to me to ditch everyone that I disagree with. Then there will be no one left except maybe for a handful here online. The guy has good qualities outside of his oppressive beliefs. It may be better to let him try to put his beliefs on me without letting it bother ‘me’. That seems like the best way to lose ‘me’ and to live in the world as it is. This is where the marketplace is.

Part of what is bothersome in situations like these is, I think, a feeling that they “shouldn’t” do that. That they do it , triggers us to want to change them to not do that. For whatever reason - and the reason in particular is vital to ascertain - we want to change it. So we become defensive and then retributively offensive.

One thought: if a random person on the street tried to save you, would you feel the same way or would it slip off your back? If it would be different if a stranger did it, then that’s something to explore.

So what it can come down to is simply allowing the other person to do what they do. As in not having a stake in opposing it or trying to change them. Just allow them to do it! Then this might result in not being bothered by it anymore. And then you may be able to have some interesting conversations indeed!


Wonderful henrryyyyyyyy :slight_smile:

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Nicely done Andrew :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are a really nice friend, so nice in fact that you won’t challenge your friends in any areas so as to avoid causing them hurt or conflict. If he doesn’t respect your personal boundaries then to me he is fair game to be challenged back. I have met many a true believer of various religions, cults, spiritual movements etc both in real life and online and as soon as you push back on their belief systems with the inconsistencies, contradictions, nonsense they believe they soon stop. It may lead to them avoiding you totally because you then become a threat to them. One can challenge without malice, the right question can dent people’s beliefs. It hasn’t all been “I just know” responses, I have sometimes dented people’s personal beliefs and unsettled them. Those who want to maintain contact with you because they like other aspects of you will, and they will usually give up proselytising and find some other common ground. Only the most intellectually inept or mentally ill have I found unable to stop from trying to push their beliefs.


Or you can just say pray for me this sometimes works for me lol. Like I am not going to do anything or change but you can do something for me lol.

@son_of_bob I have challenged him to the best of my ability w/o making a dent in his steadfast belief. He really believes that God is a big white man with long hair and a flowing grey beard who is going to come riding thru the clouds on a big white horse. I told him I am not going to get into his truck with him as long as he is unvaccinated so he hasn’t called me recently.

Ok, I can understand that. Do you suspect he might be mentally ill? :rofl: What religion/belief is this?

Send him to me lol.

He is a baptist. I don’t think he is mentally ill. Otherwise he is a good and sensible guy.

Did you ask him about the dinosaurs? :rofl:

No, I didn’t ask him about the dinosaurs. His usual explanation is that the media lies.

Ok, so is he of the belief that the universe is between 4,000 to 10,000 years old?

I don’t know what he believes about the universe. He goes strictly by the bible.