Pushing friendship. Just for a change


So with all the enthusiastic talk of blogs and “getting the word out”, let me address the whole herd of elephants in the room; us.

I am as guilty of it as anyone else, but here it goes.

Who has the guts to deliberately keep audio/video contact? I mean, even though we don’t want to actually push to stay in touch?

I am aware i have little to offer. If someone is looking for a magic bullet, the midas touch, a hail mary, then i am certainly not that.

Yet, let’s just do the math, shall we?

How many have been i interested for 10 years? 8 years? 5?

I think we as humans are always assessing each other’s usefulness to whatever cause we are concerned with.

Survival and Reproduction, trumps a lot.

Identity trumps everything.

So, what about it?

I have shunned potential friends because they were not perceived as conducive to actual freedom. Schizophrenic people that wanted to be friends. Why? Because they can’t give me want i want.

I can’t give you anything. You can’t give me anything. But, until such time as we have otherwise succeeded, we have no idea what will really work.

So, no matter how useless or useful you feel, hit me up.

I am not lonely. I don’t feel any real need for friends. But, i do want to see something radical happening in this world.

Who knows!?

I think it’s kind of what Alan was looking for with his meetings (but as in his, unfortunately I couldn’t be more than a listener). Nothing would be more natural than to meet physically if we all lived in the same city, so…

I have also been thinking for a while about inviting Spanish speakers to a meeting. It’s nothing wrong with experimenting.

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Great chats with @Josef and @rick!!

Tag team style :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am more than happy to learn some Spanish!


Hola @Miguel, como estas?

¡Bien! :smiley:


@Andrew dude, happy to chat with you as well. Not anything to do with guilt or guts, but you are saying its something you enjoy and would like to do so why not. I would enjoy it too. Sure it will be a hoot :wink:

Cool! :wink:

Yeah, it’s the enjoying definitely. But perhaps more importantly demystifying this, humanising it, make it normal, personal…

For example, i am still thinking about a point Rick and I discussed about being “rotten”, and i am starting to see something new about it.

Leveraged friendships.


Yes, let’s get some time set( once a month or shorter ) to have a group voice chat and also
see if we can have geoffrey and/or Srinath there too :slight_smile: