Psychedelics -- a long con?

Watching this video The real risks of psychedelics, explained by an expert | Dr. Matthew Johnson - YouTube

I got struck with this thought. Which upon sober reflection must be seen to be inevitably true.

What if… the psychedelic-producing funguses (mushrooms, ergot fungus (from which LSD is derived), etc) are actually a global-spanning hive mind?

The fungus, they want to invade everything. They can’t physically invade our mammalian bodies – our body heat is too much for them. So they are invading our minds.

Once someone takes psychedelics, their mind may be irrevocably altered — to where that person then promotes and encourages others to use it too!!

This way their global fungal influence will spread, their hive-mind mental roots sinking deeper into the human psyche, until one day we’ll inevitably find ourselves in a doom state of sinister fungal mind control, too psychically weak to fight or wage wars anymore, not seeing the point of anything but enjoying life and living those lives!!

Is it a coincidence then that what Richard eventually found was triggered off by an “inadvertent” mushroom trip?? I think not!!

I for one welcome our fungal mind overlords! All hail!


My last trip was very much a conversation with them. I welcome their overlordshipfullness.

I never got into the hype about marijuana.

Mushrooms? Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up.

Sincerely though, there is nothing that one is being taught that one doesn’t already know. Not dissimilar to my conversations with God in my 20s.

It very much comes down to the pre-existing intent of the tripee.

Currently have 4 strains of spores heading my way. For microscopy, of course :wink:

I would be wary of this a bit. There are definitely certain feelings, which are subjectively felt as ‘deep’, where when you start to feel them you feel as if you have been feeling them the entire time and that they were pre-existing etc… but a simple sensible appraisal will reveal that obviously you were not feeling that feeling or any speck of it before it started. The feeling of having always felt it (or having always known it) is not necessarily a fact.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a fact, of course. The experience of a PCE eventually is that that’s how the universe actually is and has been the whole time, and the non-PCE is what is the filter…

All this to say that some caution is warranted! To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

lol :joy: the takeaway i had from my first mushroom trip was “well on the one hand, it showed me that death is actually okay, but on the other hand, that’s exactly what a mushroom would want me to think”

It’s our natural disassociated psyche talking with itself in ways our normal ego won’t let us.

It’s definitely the experience that the mushrooms are talking, but it’s pretty silly to actually believe it. Psilocybin is a chemical which is compatible with our own neurotransmitters. That’s all.

I think that is the main way in which humanity has gone wrong with psychedelics; underestimating our own weird psychic abilities, and ascribing the experience of the same to the source of the chemical.

I had a lot of powerful psychic “trips” a long time before I had taken anything besides alcohol. A completely clean living Christian boy was lucid dreaming and having hallucinations of all sorts through simply the power of the experience of “converting away from” Christianity.

Are you saying @claudiu that we aren’t feeling some sort of fear at all times?

I’ll put this out there, just so it’s been said; as far as my knowledge goes, no one has become free without having a psychedelic experience first.

Of course, for legal reasons, we may insist that it’s not a prerequisite, however unless we are now subjecting actual freedom to the confines of what is and isn’t legal, such an insistence is pure speculation.

It’s not pure speculation, it’s factually evident from a PCE. We may as well say it’s a prerequisite to have worn sunglasses for at least X hours of one’s life or any other such commonalities.

Be that as it may it doesn’t particularly matter if you think it’s a prerequisite as long as you don’t think something you haven’t done yet is a prerequisite, because that would just be an excuse :smile:

I don’t think so no. If I sit and feel inwardly now, then I feel that there is an undercurrent of fear (or at least anxiety, worry or unease of some sort if not full blown fear) that is always there. But when I was on my electric moped earlier I wasn’t feeling that, I was just feeling like “wee this is fun”.

It’s not really testable imo. Once you go looking for the fear it’s bound to be there. But if your not looking for it then you don’t know if a small subtle part still remains or if it’s completely gone.

As long as I am a feeling being the fear is always there unless the feeler is in abeyance. Otherwise the fear is only covered up.

I think it’s more that ‘being’ is always there (except a PCE). Fear is one of the ways of ‘being’ but there are others too… but the core is always there.

The presence of fear can be detected intuitively

And there are other signs of its presence, such as any need to supress or disassociate would only come from fear.

When there is actually no fear, it’s exceedingly obvious - the peace & purity is incomparable to normal. This alone makes obvious its constant presence at all other times

When I’m normal and look for it, I find it. When I’m in a PCE and I look for it, it’s just not there. So it’s not that I create it when I look for it

Plenty of very spiritually-directed stuff in this video, I like how they describe the experience of genuine insights at 7:35 though

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Being is always there. And being has a memory of every emotion. Even if a single emotion is temporarily absent, the affective memory would still be there. So if an emotion were to reappear, it’d be exactly like it had always been there in the background.