Privacy Concerns Regarding Posts from the Slack

@FrankN the old Slack required a password login and was invisible to search engine results

Everybody participated on there with this knowledge that their words wouldn’t end up on the public Internet

As such, reposting those messages onto this public and searchable forum is a violation of their privacy!

Please remove the messages and only post them here if you have the permission of the person who posted it.



Bring back the Slack archive :muscle::muscle::muscle::yum::yum::yum:


Special offer just for you @Felix; I’ll teach you to be a developer for merely €3, and then I can go back to being a ~senior cloud architect~ in peace. How about that?

(I’m not at all trying to quell my guilty conscience about not being able to continue with the Slack importer)

You have my permission to repost any of my old slack posts


For me I’ll do it on a case by case basis… PM me with what you wanna post and I’ll give a yes/no.

Thank you Claudiu

I just removed the names and instead the posts only refer to " Written by an Actualist ".

I think these posts can be very helpful to beginner actualist like myself .
Thanks for your forethoughts .