"post last edited..."

So, apparently, when a post is edited after some time (how long?), there’s that red ‘edited’ icon that appears on the top right of the post, which says that that post has been edited, and when you click on it, it shows both versions.
I get the idea, but I don’t like it.
First, because if I edit a post, it’s because I think that the edited version is superior to the original one… why I would want readers to have access to that (inferior) original version? It can make the reader ponder about the original intention of the poster, why the change of heart, etc. The effect is that this is pushing one to redact the post to perfection before posting, as posterior edits will be visible - making this platform even more removed from a simple type-as-it-comes chat platform than a forum has to be.
I’d rather have a stricter time limit on edits (what is it btw?) but them not being visible, or an extension of the ‘invisible’ edit window we have now (what is it btw?).

I removed the edit history from public view (it was a fairly simple check button) for now. It’s easy to reinstate if we eventually want it. :relaxed:

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Btw, you’re supposed to be a mod. Gimme a sec…

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Do not overestimate my mod skillz, or motivation :rofl:

And for that you were granted admin as well. :joy: I’m only working on what Srinath ordered, so don’t pocalypse us now please :joy:

I would definitely have needed such an emoji, for an appropriate reaction :grin: