Please help I can't figure out the difference between feeling good and good feelings?

I’ve read the website but am not sure what it means to feel good? Enjoying this moment of being alive seems like a good feeling? Something you might feel in your stomach. I have read what Richard had to say but I cannot figure it out

Hi Pman,

“Feeling good” refers to a felicitous feeling of generally being in a good mood, being generally cheerful or happy, being generally well-disposed, joyful, having fun, wondering or marveling at being alive, being likable and liking, etc.

While “‘good’ feelings”, on the other hand, refers to the ‘heady’ ones that have a ‘thicker’ feel to them like love, compassion, desire, pride, gratitude etc…

The tricky part is that both ‘good’ feelings and felicitous feelings are pleasurable. They both have what is called positive hedonic tone. They both feel “good”.

What’s the difference between them, then? Why put the felicitous ones in a separate category?

The answer to that can seem to be arbitrary or fairly involved, at first. But ultimately it’s an experiential one. Maybe you can start to see it on an intuitive level if you look at examples of each above and consider how each feels in your experience.

You might start to see how the felicitous ones have a lighter or airier or more “fun” feel, while the ‘good’ ones have a thicker or heavier or headier or more “serious” feel. Contrast how it feels having a lot of fun with someone as opposed to feeling deep affection for them. The flavor is quite different, non?

Practically speaking, the reason to differentiate between the two is because the felicitous ones are the ones that most imitate a PCE, and are most favorable to lead you in that direction - to taking yourself less seriously, to simply having a blast of a time just being alive - while the ‘good’ ones, just like the ‘bad’ ones, serve to reinforce ‘you’ as an identity , to ultimately keep you ‘serious’ and living in the land of lament that is the ‘real’ world.

But that will become clearer as you go on! :smile: Until then you can simply get an experiential understanding of the basic difference between the two by feeling them out for yourself, either by remembering, intuitively, times you already felt them and what that was like, or simply being attentive and noticing what they are like when you naturally feel them as you go about your daily life.

Let me know if that helps!


This helps a lot thank you!

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this is very interesting and very helpful Claudiu, thank you so much.