'Peter' ; the most significant psyche who ever psyched

‘He’ gave up his ‘manhood’ ; knowing full well he would not be expounded as the ‘best’, that he would lose ‘his’ woman twice.

‘He’ had lost his son. ‘Normal’ men would have already suicided at that, or spiralled into self destruction. Taken out the whole shebang; given up, thrown in the towel.

‘Richard’ was indeed a freak of nature. ‘Peter’ was the one who, knowing full well that history would count ‘him’ as a follower, and ‘less than’ , took the journey to the door marked “oblivion”, regardless.

We would not be here, if it wasn’t for ‘Peter’.


“Peter” was indeed an amazing fellow and I always find superb stuff from his journal which has a more day to day style of writing