PCEs & You (request for reports)

As an experiment, I’ve created a Google Form for the purpose of encouraging gathering reports and experiences of people who’ve had PCEs, and how they were able to do it:

I encourage any and all to fill it out. The idea is this will eventually go on some actualism page for others to read.

If it goes well I plan to make more for various topics like the actualism method, feeling good, happy & harmless, EEs, common ‘obstacles’ (work, love, girls, men :smiley: ) etc

Feedback is appreciated!


Thankyou Claudiu!

This is really well done, thanks Claudiu!

This is another advantage of the article format that I referred to in Getting the Word Out - #94 by Miguel : they can be created by one author but also through original (i.e., specially written) contributions by various authors and then edited together in a coherent manner.

They can also be made through parts obtained from writings already done by various people (e.g., by scouring the forum and extracting testimonials on a topic) and then edited/redacted in a coherent manner in the blog or in the forum itself.

This would be in line with the original intention/proposal of some of us that in addition to the forum having journals, chats, same themes spread over many topics, etc., to manage that the forum has (at the same time, I repeat) some rich, coherent and structured topics (as discussed in The Pros and Cons of Journalling).

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Awesome reports @Kub933 @henryyyyyyyyyy , very quality stuff!

I see that the question I asked deviated from what I intended though :smiley: My intent was to gather reports on how the first clear PCE after contact with actualism, came about… as that was a big stumbling block for me and is for many others as well.

I’ve edited that question now, so for future reports (or if you guys want to write another reply :smiley: ) it will match what I was intending hehe

Yeah I had a sense that I didn’t keep to the intended format :grimacing: I will have another look when I get a chance :+1:

Actually you did, perfectly. All questions were referring to the PCE described at the start. And that one asked for … … your most memorable PCE :smiley: haha . I must have written that initially but failed to edit it later to ask for the first one.