Optimistic Nihilism


I’ve been reading a lot about self-immolation and death on AFT. It has sparked a real insight in me about my own mortality and relieved some seriousness. This video highlights a lot of those concepts.


It’s a pretty cool video, I enjoyed the start a lot and then it did sort of decline into a ‘make the most of it’ sort of vibe.
I think it’s incredible that we all have the chance of doing so much more than what the video represents, not just ‘making the most of it’ before we die but actually living the reason for existence.

When there’s no third alternative, you sort of hit a dead end because you have to accept that you can never be free of feelings. You will always have sadness, fear etc. Which results in the conclusion “make the best of it”. In the end it just becomes a coping mechanism. But for me it is such a source of wonder that I am the universe looking back at itself. And then to have the option to become more and more sensuous with this universe is simply amazing and delicious!


Right and this is an interesting distinction that is not made in the video and also that is the cause of some other controversial discussions on here :stuck_out_tongue: . ‘I’ the person watching the video, or the person the video refers to when they say ‘you are the same as the star’, is not the same as the universe. That ‘me’ is forever separate, this is why that ‘me’ when contemplating the vastness of the universe ends up feeling nihilistic, because ‘he’ is forever separated from this magnificent happening called the universe and ‘he’ knows that one day his days will be numbered.
Therefore ‘he’ has no choice but to resign to ‘making the best of it’ in the cold and vast universe. To forever search for some sort of emotional meaning in order to counteract ‘his’ fear of no longer ‘being’.

The other danger of not making this distinction clear is that ‘I’ try to make myself become the universe which leads to more delusion.

It is only when the ‘I’ that is separate is extinguished that I as this flesh and blood body am the universe.