One mind

I am going to smash this out, because i can.

One mind.

I recently became aware of a “manosphere” content creator posting “black pill” content.

To cut to the chase, one of the three pillars of his philosophy was that women are of one mind regarding attraction.

To put simply, and more inclusively, all physical attraction is objective. Men and women find the same people attractive.

Everyone, regardless, and most often, in spite of their own objective attractiveness, find the same people physically attractive.

I really wish i could upload into the readers mind, just how simple this makes the ‘real’ world.

It also has the powerful collorary; no one really cares, or acts in accordance with how logical it is that one should be grateful, one should be acting and giving and behaving with respect to the relative attractiveness of oneself and ones partner(s).

In other words, 90% of people, want and desire, just 10% of people, whom, no more than 10% of people ever had a chance of being in the same league.

People want what the cannot have.

It is the perfect storm.

The most magnificent mind fuck, elaborate trick and efficient motivation that the blindness that is nature ever blindly designed.