"New" user

Before some of you wonder “Is this a new user?”, I announce that it’s me but 20 years later :smiley:


It was time to update that picture, right? :smile:


how did you come up with this picture Migule ? i have so many questions now !

This explains everything. I always wondered how such a young fellow could be so knowledgeable! :smile:

Hey @Miguel man you’ve aged well! looking good :smiley:

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You have aged well my friend.

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It seems that the order of the emojis has been changed…
i guess you did it Miguel …
I wish we could remove the thumb’s down emoji, because it causes harm ! :face_with_peeking_eye:

I have to disagree with you there, Leila!

The thumbs down emoji causes no more harm than the thumbs up emoji causes, in that hyping someone up increases someone’s identity just as much as the thumbs down emoji ‘hurts’ someone.

Both are only because of the identity in residence… ‘I’ get a big head when people agree with me, ‘I’ feel bad when someone pushes back.

We are all making such dramas out of things that do not need to be dramatic either way.


well you are write Henry , and the way i see it is that the feeling being that puts thumbs down does that because she or he thinks that he is correct , and the idea does not matches with his or her idea …
so this is a play of egos …
even though i feel that my opinion is not correct but still i say that this emoji will cause harm :smiley:

you can give me thumbs down …i feel like i am ok now with the thumbs down … :smiley:

Yes, the order/presentation changed because I have added the :100: emoji.

Regarding the thumbs down, of course we could remove it, but I agree with @henryyyyyyyyyy (even not qualifying a post with any emoji can also produce effects in the author).

By the way, @geoffrey made interesting reflections in his video about posting (seeking for approval, thumbs up, belonging, engaging, phases, identity, etc).

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Te ves rebién hermano :clap: :muscle:

Nice @Miguel.

This made me realise when reading your posts and/or preparing a reply to you I am sometimes constructing a virtual version of you within my head and it was built on that previous picture. You changing your picture made me spot that I do this. Like I play out the imaginary conversation with you beforehand to try and gauge how I think you might react.

I had spotted this back when I first returned to the previous Slack forum, especially the more I respected a certain individual the higher the reward reaction.

Another thing I noticed whilst busy this past year, I would sometimes have low days where I would still catch up on the odd one or two posts but kind of yearn for somebody to have referenced me or sent me a question or message. Some need to validate that I exist and that I matter. That there is some group with which I could matter or have significance. Some tribe I could belong to. Definitely the wrong group to be involved in when feeling needy :rofl:


I was just thinking that haha if ‘I’ want to be seen, this might be the worst sorta group, although that doesn’t stop me from trying! :laughing: