MOAR reaction Emojis!

We have a full array of emojis at our disposal when redacting a post, but when reacting… where is my “sunglasses” emoji? my “beach” emoji? How am I supposed to react to posts if I can’t “sunglasses”? :joy:
I get it. This platform was supposed to be ‘likes’ only, as the badges one earns show (“hmm, how many likes have I had today? Enough for a BADGE?” :rofl:)… and to add a few emojis there was a nice touch.
I’m wondering if we could expand that a bit?
Although I see how this could get out of hand, if everybody starts asking for their favourite one lol.
Ideal would be the whole emoji suite being available for reactions, à la Slack… I don’t thing it’s possible though, right?

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@Miguel is the one who added the plugin — a much big improvement it was to have some emojis vs just a heart button! But he would know , if we can add more. I think we should add as many as everyone uses here if it supports it …

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Yes, @geoffrey and @claudiu.
Unfortunately this plugin lacks the possibility to choose from the full array of emojis; the administrators have to predefine which ones to add to the set of eligible ones. I don’t have problems in adding more until the plugin warns us that “I’m about to burst” or something like that!

I don’t have problems in adding more until the plugin warns us that “I am about to burst” or something like that :smiley: (or the display of the emojis after hovering the mouse takes too long, which could happen). I’ve started looking at Slack for the most used, and the sunglasses lagged behind in the frequency table :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but it’s added now.

If you already have any suggestions about emojis that could be missed, let me know.

I’ve just added several more on my own

Could we possibly add the :100: to the reaction emojis? I frequently find myself thinking it would be the perfect reaction, but it’s not available :grinning:


By the way: what’s the meaning of the badger :badger:? Why is it there??
I never know how to use it! :smiley:

¡Ja, Ja!
(laughing in Spanish)

The badger is known for representing stubbornness lol. The badgers are always getting run over here in the UK…you think they would adapt and stay clear of the roads…

I remember the badger emoji becoming something of an in-joke at the inauguration of the forum but the only reference I can find now is this: Badges... really? - #8 by Felix

I still add it when I have nothing better to say/emote. :woman_shrugging:

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