Lost Zulip posts/messages

Hey we definitely lost Zulip completely right? Just would love to access those messages and reports. You’d think as a singular user you would at least be able to still acces your own contributions and PMs.

I think so, by the prohibition/impossibility of accessing to the group/organization Sridhar created.

If you go to Zulip you will notice that you can’t “login” to nothing: you must enter your email to see if it’s registered a part of an existing group; if not, you must create a new organization.

When I enter my email, Zulip send me in turn its email with the groups that have it registered. I still receive

You can log in to your Zulip organization, Actualism, at the following link:

But it’s just @Alanji new Zulip group

So, we can’t chose to log in to the other group, nor can we access our old contributions and PMs because they are not linked to users but to the group where they were created…

But of course there remains one interesting possibility :interesting:: that Sridhar attains actual freedom and reverses his decision upon realizing what an ass he was as a feeling being… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You can still realise that without attaining actual freedom haha.

Yeah i thought so. Just wanted to double check. Thanks Miguel

True but it’s Srid we are talking about…so it will probably take at least an out-from-control virtual freedom. :slight_smile:

Hahaha @actualron who is this? :rofl:

What do you mean by “out-from-control” virtual freedom?

@Felix is making a joke alluding to one of the states that can be reached before becoming actually free:

Maybe this will help you: Out-from-Control, Different Way of Being

But it’s better to read this first: Topics – Virtual Freedom

And much better this This Moment Of Being Alive
and this Various Descriptions of PCE's


A long while ago, I received an email from Zulip support asking if they had my permission to hand over the ownership (as well as data) of the actualism.zulipchat.com instance to another member that had requested it. I refused it back then. But if anyone is still interested, feel free to initiate the process again, and I’ll authorize Zulip support to do the transfer (my email if they ask: srid@srid.ca).


To avoid confusing forum members: those who enter the link provided by @srid will find the NEW space that Zulip allowed Alan to open under the same name. You will see that there are only a few members and that the original content does not exist:


I was (or at least one of those) who on Mon, Dec 14, 2020 initiated the process to try to get Mateusz Mandera to import/copy all the original content to a new space, without success: Zulip rules require the owner (@Srid) to give his consent, to which he refused.

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 was the last time Mateusz Mandera informed me that the subdomain could be recovered, but the content could not.

So we started a new community on Slack.

I’ve just contacted Mateusz Mandera to start the process again.


Hello again,

Note that my giving of permission is conditional upon a guarantee that the Zulip messages will not be made public now or in future, bearing in mind that not everyone agreed to it back when the question came up.



So, members:

Mateusz Mandera responded and asked me some questions that I would like to share with you so that we can decide together what to do.

Hi Miguel,

Ah, after some catchup on old emails I think I remember this case now! What
exactly is the objective we want to achieve now? Is the idea to restore the
old actualism organization to actualism.zulipchat.com, under your ownership?
What about any data that currently exists in the new temporary


I suppose there are several options (although some would have to be consulted with Mateusz):

  • Ask to overwrite the content in the same space (since its content and amount of users is almost non-existent).

  • Ask for a new space to be created, installing the content there.

  • Ask to make a backup in JSON or similar and see what to do with it in the future

  • Do nothing because we don’t want to recover all that anymore.

  • Other options

I don’t think we need an active zulip chat in addition to the forum here — I propose we restore it in its existing space so users can log in and retrieve what content they want , and also get a JSON backup for the historical record (but not make it publicly available due to the anonymity concerns)

Thanks for taking the lead on this!


I don’t think it’s a good idea to dilute content, discussion and traffic across different platforms.

Essentially in agreement w/ what’s been said. Seems like restoration and backup would be best. If some of the post-deletion content gets overwritten I think that’s okay. The best part about Zulip was being able to search old chat logs.


Maybe we can make the restored zulip read-only?


I had thought exactly the same

@Miguel Thank you for spearheading this on behalf of others. Note that no one from Zulip has emailed me yet. Also, judging from the vibe here it looks like no one strongly cares about the old archives from Zulip anyway? It looks like everyone has moved on completely to Discourse, so I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end … although I don’t see people who advocated for private forums (like Craig) engaging here.

I was waiting in case anyone else wanted to give their opinion here. Two days ago I contacted Mateusz Mandera telling him our preferences/alternatives and if they were feasible. Surely he will contact you when they are resolved.

@srid you’ve come back on the forum after causing considerable disruption when you last left. Instead of explaining yourself or apologising, you’ve decided to simply jump back in and offer advice. A lot of people were upset and inconvenienced by your behaviour. Rather than taking that onboard or simply stepping down as owner/mod at the time, you became aggressive. Eventually you abruptly shut down Zulip, leaving everyone confused and in the dark. Fortunately we did manage to find each other and rebuild, moving later to this forum.

If you do want to rejoin this forum, we’ll need to see some acknowledgement about what happened in the past by way of explanation. And obviously you’ll need to abide by the forum rules. If you want to DM me directly to discuss this first, I’m open to that.

I’ve discussed this with the other mods, so this is a joint decision. We all know that you have had a long engagement and commitment to actualism. You’ve worked hard to help build resources to propagate actualism in the past. You were very active on this forum and it was your community of sorts and I’ve often wondered if you were doing okay - especially given the terms on which you left. So we’ve decided to let you stay for now as long as the criteria mentioned above are fulfilled. Over to you.