Longevity, NMN and more

I would be fascinated by anyone else’s research on this topic.

Especially Richard; I remember something about calorie restriction being discussed. Not sure where.

One of the things Dr Sinclair talked about briefly with Dr Huberman is that 20 years ago it was believed that anti-oxidents were the key, however it turned out to be co-relation not causation. Foods rich in antioxidants are often rich in NMN.

So far the basics I understand are the same; exercise, fasting, and greens.

This podcast from Sinclair is a great starting point.

Haven’t delved especially deep into nmn, but Peter Attia who I’ve a decent amount of exposure to and is an incredibly robust and sceptical researcher on the topic of aging seems to think the claims are not warranted enough. On the other hand, if it doesn’t hurt and it’s not breaking the bank…

Here are two articles by him on the topic:

He is a big advocate of zone 2 training, which is aiming to load purely aerobic capacity, which the changes quality and quantity of mitochondria in muscles. The importance of this, pertaining to NMN supplementation is that taking nmn aims to raise NAD levels(amongst other things) and NAD is critical molecule in the aerobic pathway, that stores electrons that carry energy that’s is subsequently incorporated into ATP(the directly used energy-carrying molecule). So I believe, the thinking is that extending aerobic capacity in this particular way will have similar benefits(highly likely more encompassing).

Either way, would highly recommend his podcast and blog, if you’re interested in the topic of longevity.

Cheers, @proporcrutch . I will check it out.

So my NAD+ supplement came today. Tomorrow morning I will start.

In more exciting news, I just cooked for myself the best dinner in a long time.

Started with olive oil in a frying pan,
1/3 cup of almonds
1/3 cup of cashews.
1 3 inch shallot.
4 cloves of garlic
1/3 punnet sliced mushrooms
1 large Bok Choy
1/3 zucchini
3 handfuls of baby spinach
4 sliced brussel sprouts
Lots more olive oil.

Some Chinese 5 spice,
Salt, pepper
Moroccan seasoning
Mixed herbs.

Probably the best Avant Garde creation I have done.


Still have half left for tomorrow.