Logic, reason, anxiety

A belief in logic and reason recently proved to be a hindrance. I still very much thing rationality is the smart move in all public acts but you still can’t ever prove it will be more fruitful than nonsense. :trumpet:Trump 2024 :trumpet:

Not having perspective i.e. being narcissistic has been a hindrance. Fact is that humanity is infinitely small and I am even smaller than that. Yet the universe has no limitations. So why am I putting so much pressure on myself?

We all cease to exist. Our death will probably be painful. We’ll probably be alone when it happens. And after it happens there will be no more pain ever again. This has already happened to every organism before us a trillion trillion times already. The entire planet will be gas and dust soon. No creature or machine will ever know it ever even existed. And yet the universe continues on forever. Get a grip. Let that anxiety go. It’s just a wall. :musical_note:Hey Teachers!Leave them kids alone :musical_note:

Valuing my own anxiety. It won’t take me anywhere good. It doesn’t need to be validated. It is slowly poisoning me and not having it will be far far far more fruitful than the money and the healthy living and the relationships it can motivate me to establish. I like to think of not having anxiety as my retirement plan. It’s far better than a million dollars, daily exercise and my fruits and vegetables. :cut_of_meat: : :salt: :beers:

Beer. It’s an anti-anxiety drug for me. If I don’t work, I feel no urge to crack open a cold one. None. When I’m working, I have to promise myself days off where I can pound a 8 beers or something. It just speaks to the anxiety I hold on to.

Believing in kindness and consideration. If it’s not a spontaneous act then it’s a moral belief. And if it’s a moral belief, it will just add to the anxiety. Which adds to the wall. Belief in justice too. Very similar thing. :balance_scale:

Outrage and schadenfreude. If I reddit, I may learn a lot. But my principle motivation is outrage and that next word I can’t pronounce.


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