Let see then if I can create a new topic IN ACTUALISM with no tags


NO! I couldn’t. I had to choose one.

So we don’t know if a mandatory tag is the way to go BUT IT’S WORKING

Definitely the way to go haha

Should we change instructions to be more clear that you can choose your own tags as well, not just the ones listed?

You do need one of those 5 tags specifically — but in addition you can add others …

Hmm so I can’t create a new topic and only tag it “love”? I think requiring minimum one tag is fine but it could be a brand new one.

The idea is that there is one broad ‘category’ tag — to indicate if it’s a question, objection, report, etc

And then sure you can add sub-tags. indeed just ‘love’ doesnt make sense with this schema – is it an objection that love is necessary to be alive? or a question about how to deal with love? or a report involving love? etc…

ok got it :+1:

moved this to site feedback to tidy up actualism category :smiley:

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