Latest Matrix movie

I sat up in my chair at the movies when the new creator of the matrix, the “Analyst”, said the new version of the matrix was specifically designed to manipulate feelings.

Although a rather crap movie, it only reinforced my view that the ‘real’ world is currently trying to self destruct.

That often mentioned idea of Richard’s, that a critical mass of actually free people could set off a chain reaction, may have a competitor;

The ‘real’ may implode all on it’s own. Just as the modern consciousness appears in history around 5000 years ago with the advent of writing , a direct apperceptive consciousness may appear through the advent of the latest media of information exchange.

The world will, perhaps, save itself.


How is ‘manipulating feelings’ related to ‘implosion of the real-world’?

They know.

Just as when we know, it doesn’t actually take much more than a few clear moments of knowing what is going on, to be free of said such.

When one knows, the awareness itself unravels the known.

Animosity arises, momentum builds. Who knows what can happen then?

A fact is far more powerful than anything in the ‘real’. It will not take much, IMO, for the entire edifice to crumble.