It bothers me to give up my moniker that I have always gone by on this list. ‘I’ am worried that people won’t know who ‘I’ am. Actually that could be a good thing.
I think it’s about need. ‘I’ have a need to be known which keeps ‘me’ in existence.
I think this is rooted in desire or maybe fear. The fear that ‘I’ won’t survive without an identity.

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Of course, there is a solution that does not require self-immolation: let’s go back to your “J”, and we’ll compel @milito.paz to explain why he usurped it instead of accepting his predestined “M” :smiley:

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hmmm, I don’t know how to best answer this right now.

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We’ll have to cross this bridge anyway as soon as we have more than 26 people with letters!

Why did you have to give up your moniker lol. You could’ve told me and I’d change mine. Never even noticed this was a thing :yum: apologies friend

It’s because I sign in on this forum using Google and milito is a nick name. My legal name starts with J

There we go amigo all fixed

That has to be one of the weirdest coincidences. I remember wondering if you had some personal beef with James and was trying to troll him. :joy: Glad to see it got solved in a satisfactory way.

Jaja Miguel que mal pensados estos eh?

Fue al fin y al cabo un feliz resultado: a tu “identity” ahora puedo agregarle una cara :smiley:

@Miguel Give me my old identity back if you don’t mind.

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Yes Miguel! Otherwise what will he have to immolate :cry:

@milito.paz Good one. :))))


To continue the banter, shall we declare the exact date Richard’s self-immolation was complete Global Self Immolation Day? Or something like that?

As long as that festivity helps to offer masses of egos in sacrifice instead of virgins, why not? :blush:

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Unfortunately the exact date is unknown, he told me while I was in Australia that after he had written up the description on the website (something like the 1st of November), Devika pointed out to him that he had mixed up the days, that it was actually a couple days after or something like that. But he couldn’t remember exactly what day it actually was…

Seems fitting somehow (:

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Hahaha. I’m worried some people will take that too literally


Prophecies foretell… that 500 years after Richard’s immolation… immolation will come for us all…

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Haha imagine in our Ecclesia Actualis, on the Actualist altar, our rite finishes with a wax model of a brain with a tiny vinyl record at the brain stem being turned over, followed by an audible, collective sigh of relief. Anyone wanna come up with an Actualist rendition of the Lord’s Prayer to add to the rite?

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