I am my feelings and my feelings are me

I just had an experience of this phrase for the first time. I always understood what it meant and thought I ‘got it’. But actually experiencing it hits different.

I was investigating some emotions related to possessiveness. I asked myself why a trigger bothered me and the answer came back “because it’s ‘my’ wife”. When I said the word ‘my’, I became acutely aware of the feeling in my body, mainly in the chest area.

What is this ‘my’, that possessive entity that can claim a physical thing? It’s just a feeling! ‘I’ am ‘my’ feelings!

This hit me on a deep level. How on earth can a feeling have possession of a physical thing? It seemed ridiculous!

There was a glimpse of ‘me’ not being real, not being a fact. I’m just a feeling. There is zero tether between ‘me’ and other physical objects, it’s just an illusion.

Well knock ‘me’ down with a feather :laughing: