I am mortal, and so am 'I'

As I become more sincerely interested in ending ‘myself’, each moment is a matter of letting go of those dearly held ideas and beliefs in the way.

It’s all one thing anyway, choosing to feel good, is the same “class” of decision as ‘self’ immolation; something of ‘me’ must die for a better, more altruistic ‘me’ to live. And so on, “until the day definitively arrives”

So, I have harboured belief about immortality. In a rather convoluted way, but it’s still holding on to a meaningful way ‘i’ am immortal.

However, looking at objections as I fell asleep last night, I saw how silly an immortal ‘i’ is.

As usual, I work backwards from the facts.

Once, a long time ago, I played in the foothills of enlightenment. Never experienced “ego death” but had unity experiences, and was absolutely sure I was immortal.

However, seeing that an “ego” can die, that is half of myself! And now seeing that my “soul” is a blind instinctual phenomenon, I can only conclude; what of ‘me’ possibly could be immortal?

An “ego”? Which I know from those years in the foothills can die!

A “soul” which I know from looking at the silliness of my decisions, and watching other animals, consists of completely blind reactions cascading together in clumsy, dumb behaviour?

There is nothing ‘i’ have experienced of ‘myself’, which is durable. Not only does it break, it dies.