How does one self immolate?

I did a search for self immolation on the forum, but wasn’t able to get much practical information on how to go about it.

Wasnt able to find much about it on the AFT website either.

I’d like to commit to the goal of self immolation as it seems a worthy one and would be v grateful for any pointers on how to get there :pray:

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Bub, you can find a basic guide to self-immolation here: SIMPLE ACTUALISM - Actual Freedom

It also has relevant links to the AFT re: reports of self-immolation – mine included.

There’s also other articles on actualism there which you might find useful. Its a website that I created to explain actualism in a simple way.

The homepage of the AFT has a precis of how one becomes actually free. Read the bit starting with ‘The way becoming actually free …’ (4th paragraph from the top)

You’ll need to have a better understanding of actualism and actual freedom – both intellectually and experientially before you’re in a position to self-immolate however.

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Ahh, ya bastich - nothing practically useful about the how of self immolation.

I know there was a lot of info on the old slack site.

But I’ve got pretty much zero on self immolation to go on from reading reports (really really wanted to do it and belived I could do it and then IT happened!).

6 people have gotten to basic freedom, two of whom transitioned to Actual Freedom.

Just need a little more on practical how to’s on the journey.

I’ve been devouring actualism, but definitely have a long way to go.

I’m also mixing methods but have signed on for another couple of retreats till the end of Feb, and will be doing some direct path work till then. After that, it’s probably going to be solamente actual freedom.

Hi, @bub.

Perhaps you overlooked or underestimated the importance of the step probably most often referred to by those who have managed to self-immolate (including @Srinath in his site, as a pre-condition): having had enough PCEs (and having somewhat tired of returning from them to “normality” -however extraordinary, as in those who returned to still-in-control/same-way-of-being virtual freedom, or even to out-from-control/different way of being virtual freedom-).

And about how to make PCEs happen, there is indeed much that has been written.

However, as I have had many PCEs and some of them of long duration, Vineeto made it clear to me (I would see many years later she was right…) that it is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient one.


In terms of practical guide on how to self-immolate… in an email to me, Vineeto said this about Geoffrey & Srinath’s report: “Those two reports that are online are the perfect motivation and how-to-do-it guide for becoming actually free […]”

That’s to say that, if fully actually free Vineeto considers those two reports to be “how-to-do-it guides”… maybe they really are, and you are missing something :wink:

I think once you have a full-blown and clear PCE it will become more clear. There’s definitely a how and a way to do it, but it’s really about “letting it happen”, which is so simple yet so incredibly ‘non-specific’ (haha), that it is easy to even miss that it’s an instruction in the first place. And of course before you can let “it” happen you have to experientially understand what “it” is…

What I would suggest if I were you, as you say you can already feel fantastic on-command, is to commit to feeling fantastic (or at least ‘good’) come-what-may, if only for say a day or two, and while feeling particularly excellent, read these descriptions of PCEs with your whole ‘being’, with the particular intention of inducing a PCE for yourself! Once you have that clear PCE goalpost then the way will become clear.

With that being said, I wrote a long post about this how actualism writings seem to not have anything practical in it on the DharmaOverground. Note that it’s specifically about the actualism method and not how to self-immolate per se. That being said, it may well be worth a read, though it’s not specifically tailored to your situation: [link].

I’ll mirror it here for posterity sake:


Cheer Claudiu, that’s spectacularly clear and useful.

it’s gradually falling into place for me.

I’ll make a bastardised precis for now, and I’m hoping you or somebody corrects me if I’m making glaring errors.

Just fucking feel good in the now as a baseline.

Identify what’s not making me feel good. Practically deal with that.

Find out about PCE’s and have at least one and build on that.

Identify negative emotions and practically deal with that - it’s probably similar themes that keep cropping up, so clear those issues.

Keep learning about Actualism so the dots keep connecting.

Dont focus too much on happiness or good feelings, but more on feeling good.

Dont mix methods.

Keep going - it’s clicking bigtime, will click even more.


*Identify negative OR positive emotions - what you want to go for are the felicitous/innocuous emotions

Happiness is ok, it’s an aspect of feeling good

That ‘big time’ aspect I definitely relate to, when I get close to the actual world / ‘infinitude,’ I’m often shocked by how different it is than what I’m used to.