Good feelings

Following up on the discussion about good feelings this morning: These good feelings can be deceptive. I woke up feeling great this morning w/o wondering why. I just enjoyed it from the get go. Then later on I realized why: I had a huge day in the market yesterday. I made up all my losses for the whole year in one day. Seems like the best thing to do is just enjoy and appreciate w/o wondering about it.

I’d say the opposite, James! Wonder about it, but get to the place where you genuinely feel great for no other reason that you are alive and experiencing being alive.

The wondering & digging is what reveals all the nooks & crannies of ‘me’

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Yes, I understand what you are saying and I have done it that way also. I’m saying that if I already feel great then just go with it and and do the wondering and digging later.

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Sounds like you should sell some, and take something safer.

I have thought about selling it all which would be safer but I think/feel I have a chance to win big on this based on what I know and have learned in my experience. Of course there is also big risk.