Global warming/climate change

Considering that the average temperature at a depth of 3 meters is 15C (sorry no links, but an interesting angle, which has mining data to back it up)

Yea. I have no reason to disagree with it. But if 3m below the surface and shielded from sunlight is as warm as on the surface then that would be food for thought to say the least.

IR can penetrate anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet into various rocks/ soils.

So if the IR can directly heat the soil material to a depth of a couple of feet, then we have the entire day time for that heat to be conducted down to a certain depth, and then the geothermal heat is maintaining a constant heat at depth below that,

What is the average temperature of that planet?

(I don’t know the answer, but I am 99.99% sure it’s not -18C.)

Do Australians use feet or meters?

Meters, but we have an enduring habit of using feet and inches colloquially.

We will talk about someone’s height in feet, but in every professional field we use metric.

I actually like feet and inches in daily conversation as they are more intuitive to visualise.

(the official change over from imperial to metric was in the late 60s, so many here of the older generation grew up using imperial)

Imperial - it’s what stormtroopers use.

Yeah, and they can’t hit anything with their lasers. :rofl:

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never. worst shots ever.

i thought the storm troopers were all clones and then in the final trilogy they became unique individuals with different body types. I kind of like my sci-fi consistent.

Well, Lucasfilm has been pushing the diversity Message in lieu of sci-fi consistency for a while now.

One can only admire the billions they have lost doing so.

And Science has been pushing psuedo environmentalism in lieu of scientific accuracy for just as long.

Maybe George Lucas is behind the AGW agenda!


i don’t mind black guys and women hero’s. Just don’t have episode two be all about a clone army of stormtroopers and then episode 7 star a non-clone stormtrooper.

edit: let’s move this to PM if you chose to respond.


Or so you say. I’m not so sure about that yet.


You may not have noticed how much fun the participants of this thread were having too.

It’s rare we discuss something of this nature at this length.

At a certain point, to my credit before Richard and Vineeto publicly inviting me to show where those 12 points are “opinion” rather than fact, I saw that I was being combative and blindly taking a position which, among other things, wasn’t any fun at all.

Further, my experience of the thread and topic answered for me the original question posted by Jon; the origin of bias.

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Right it is fascinating indeed, especially going back to Srinath’s replies where in the whole back and forth between him and Claudiu I could not detect any!

I think the recent threads about the global warming, bias and the social identity stuff have unleashed something way bigger than the topics themselves, some underlying rift, this is what I mean about something weird happening on the forum, there’s like these tectonic plates of identity shifting around with the various individuals located on different planes.

It seems this is all happening for the same reason as why you don’t bring up religion and politics at the dinner table - because those areas are where different cherished beliefs are held.

Perhaps we should all tread carefully because we all remember what happened last time discussion on politics went haywire - the great Sridagedon :smile:


All hail the great sridagedon.

Well, it’s reasonable to assume that Richard writing again was bound to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

I certainly bobbed my head up, and went…hmmmm!

At least this time, a decade later, I had atleast engaged in useful discussions.

I posit that at my current rate, I should be free in my early 90s.

Regarding psychic tectonics, have you got a copyright on that title?

Sound like a best seller. :rofl::exploding_head:

@Felix again, it’s good to have you writing again.

It is interesting that I can somewhat relate to the brimstone and hell fire approach your re-entry to the Forum took.

Like Moses coming down the mountain and finding the children of Israel worshiping a golden cow!

I took a similar line with @bub, a indignation that he could possibly understand the great mystery and basically thought I was doing him a favour!

Am I having a go at you now?

Sorta. After what was it, a year?

I discovered that my angst was not about bub at all. Rather that I was deluded to think myself as having any clue as to what enlightenment was.

Indeed, by your own account, it would seem perhaps you are coming out of the delusional idea you know what actualism is all about.

The sheer 180 from everything we ever thought ourselves to be.

I like a good shake up. So it’s not a rebuke. Rather it is instructive that you directly took on Claudiu.

Am I not a big enough target?

Too obviously unsuccessful?

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I’m gonna go ahead made a tentative conclusion for my own edification on #1 of my 4 part research plan. Feedback welcome.

The average temperature of the nearby planetary bodies can’t be measured or otherwise derived without significantly more testing. (even the stated average temperature of the Earth is based on incomplete data due to a lack of testing) Therefore the assumption that a planet acts like a black body accounting for albedo is just that: An assumption. Interestingly, this is very well noted in the harder to find, more data driven websites.

However, they do have a lot of temperature measurements on the two available test subjects nearby: Mars and the Moon. And what they found leaves very much open the possibility that planets do act like a blackbody adjusted for albedo. It hasn’t been falsified yet. Nor has it been confirmed. Inconclusive as they say.

On to question #2: The age of ice gasses.