Geoffrey’s Zoom video

Having set out to watch the “out from control“ DVD, for convoluted reasons which I will not go into here, I ended up watching geoffrey’s DVD. I hadn’t watched it since it was first released and had forgotten how good it was. Might be well worth another look if you have not watched it for some time and definitely if you have not seen it.
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@geoffrey Having re-listened to our one sided conversation (you didn’t let me get a word in edgeways​:rofl::rofl:) I now understand (‘get’) what you were saying about the difference between feeling good and feeling excellent. And I pretty much agree with you. Both feeling good and feeling excellent are an imitation of the actual – simply to a different degree. Agreed, the experience of the ‘beer’ does not change. In fact the experience of the ‘beer‘ in an OFC experience is no different from the experience while the feeling being is still in control.

It would be good to continue a conversation, perhaps tying down descriptions a bit further, although I probably don’t have the energy at present.