Geoffrey’s video

Hey y’all, was just wondering if anyone has a link to @geoffrey’s Zoom video? I can’t seem to find it anywhere these days. Cheers :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that after a while of @geoffrey posting the link, his account was temporarily suspended due to the amount of data transferred (or something like that) because too many people downloaded it (or something like that). So maybe he is sharing it privately on request, but I don’t know.

This is correct. Although I’m not sure if their problem was with the number of people downloading or streaming the video, or the fact that the link was posted on an open forum. Anyway they were not happy. I guess they don’t fancy themselves as a streaming service hahaha.
@Felix I send you the link via PM.

I would also be interested in seeing the video!

It is better than the three official videos combined.

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please send me the video link also @geoffrey thanks

If possible, I am also interested in watching the video! :smiley:

Could an admin mass dm the link to everyone?
Won’t be helpful to future members, but better than everyone posting a request.

Guys, this video was never meant for publication. It’s just a webcam recording of a zoom call, quickly edited for the benefit of those who couldn’t be present that day.
I get it, people are constantly bumping up this thread, so there’s FOMO. Like this video has critical info or something. It does not. For now, I’m ok with sending the link to participants of this forum requesting it, as long as it’s understood that it’s meant for private use.

Everyone knows if you watch it enough times on a full moon you become AF.

You know about that?!

@admins someone talked!

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I would like to tell you @geoffrey, that your video has been very helpful to me. In the video you say: "don’t daydream about actual freedom, apply the method ( constantly ) Enjoy and Appreciate This Moment . Thanks again Geoffrey, I hope we can have more videos like this one.


Is the link still alive? May I have it, sir? :grimacing:

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Same if possible

I too would also be grateful for a link to the video. Thanks in advance @geoffrey

Guys will you stop bumping this thread lol.

Omg I just bumped it myself :grimacing: