Forum upgrade

Since some time ago, the system was informing about the need of some upgrades. Today the docker_manager itself needed to be upgraded, so I did it.

Now our Discourse is able to perform a major upgrade, including several of the installed plugins.

I’ve just made a backup, and now I’ll run it.
Please report any anomalies you notice afterwards.




New feature: now you can highlight a word or phrase you might have misspelled and click’ edit’ to just fast-edit it alone, as I will do with this.


Oh, I see. Good!

Thanks @Miguel for your service! :grin:


I’ve just upgraded the forum with no problems using the Dashboard.

But the droplet has already accumulated 77 upgrades (1 of them about security) so the server needs to be restarted. I wanted to warn you before doing so by the command recommended by Digital Ocean:

sudo shutdown -r now

We would communicate via Slack in case of any issue and I already have your address

Any problem with proceeding? Do you prefer to do it yourself from the console?

@Miguel go for it! let me know if any issues. and thanks for taking care of things :slight_smile:

Done, with no issues. But “sudo shutdown -r now” and “sudo reboot” weren’t enough, indicating that there was a need for a an update of all packages in the Ubuntu system, so I run

sudo apt upgrade

Now 0 updates are pending

(I document all this so it makes it easier for others to do these tasks in the future)

Just in case something strange is noted, I’ve just deployed a Discourse critical update (docker related).

More info (for @staff members only) about a pending update in

I’ve finally succeeded in applying the pending Discourse upgrade. Please report any problems.

Now, @claudiu, a new LTS release and 71 updates can be applied (droplet/Ubuntu related).
Should I proceed?

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I don’t have a strong opinion. I tend to go for the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” with upgrades :smile:. But if you do want to do it I’d recommend making a droplet backup first, in case something goes wrong. In general it should be safe though.

Well… It’s not a bad policy considering the problems that the upgrades themselves sometimes cause (although especially in Windows).
We can wait until a security upgrade appears (like last time -Nov '21-)