'Forever' as an entrance into infinite 'nowness'

I had a very interesting experience last night. I was driving home after talking with a friend for awhile, I was aware that being at home alone was an obstacle for me, I frequently feel boredom that I’m working to get past. So while I was driving I remembered that I sometimes used to do this ‘worst case scenario’ thing, where I place the most heightened version of my fear directly in front of me and challenge myself to overcome it. It’s been very useful for me, I highly recommend it as a process. Anyway, what that looked like in that moment was, “what if I was just alone at home forever?” Literally thinking of that as being my life from that point on. And, something very strange happened: I instantly shifted into an excellence experience, very close to perfection. I was very surprised that it happened that easily.

I think what it was was that to ‘me,’ ‘forever’ looks a lot like ‘this eternal moment,’ now. So when I considered the possibility of doing something ‘forever,’ I was giving it the same amount of attention and consideration as is owed to this current-time awareness, right now, and essentially I kicked myself into nowness.

So then right now, when I consider like “what if I was just typing like this forever,” I’m getting a little burst of perfection because, right now, I am indeed typing, and I’m enjoying it a lot actually, the little typing sound, I can hear the ventilation system going in the building, the air has a pleasant coolness to it. It may as well be forever, because it’s what’s happening right now.

It’s working so consistently for me, I’m wondering if any others may have success with it.

For fidelity, I should note that it (“what if I was alone at home forever”) did require the thought of “oh, I’d just enjoy it then!” which is probably essential

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