Feature request: tag colors

It would be cool if the tags could have colors associated with them to make them look more like categories. I already updated the style of the tag to be ‘bullet’ to look like category. But I think for tag colors we’d need custom CSS and I am not so handy with that… @solvann what are your thoughts, if you like the idea too can you take a look?


I was thinking the same. That would be awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Can have a look when I get some time, yes


So I think I changed my mind on this :sweat_smile:

  • There are not too many colors left to choose from, I think if we color the tags they will be harder to separate visually from the categories.
  • There might be categories added in the future which will need it’s own color.
  • Tags will probably also grow and we can too easily get a Christmas tree look. I think it’s important to keep it clean and simple.
  • There can be almost unlimited amount of tags, do only the required ones get colors?
  • Tags colors are not changeable from the admin panel so I need to pop open the hood which means I’m afraid to screw up something else, also a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I have changed the tags to “box” look to better differentiate from categories.

Ah the idea actually was to have tag be visually indistinguishable from categories :sweat_smile:. The idea is to have it be a more organic and easy to use category system.

I was thinking yes to have the required ones have colors, and the rest gray at first … if they grow in popularity we can give them colors too.

There’s a component here Add a custom fontawesome icon and color to your tag - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta that would allow us to have the tag colors. It looks like it colors the text too but maybe a good starting point …

But I’m ok letting it as it is now too, not a strong opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

haha I think we need to sort out were we want to go with categories/required tags/extra tags.

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