I think, therefore it is (cheers Richard :joy:), that we should vote to disable emojis on the “reaction options”. Either we have something to add, or we don’t.

If someone has something to say, it needs neither affirmation or negation via an emoji.

We can self immolate the emojis in practice for the real thing. :sunglasses:

I remember Srid suggesting something similar on slack, although I think he was suggesting to abandon the emojis altogether, as using them was seen as not expressing oneself sufficiently via the written word (if I remember correctly)

I personally don’t see the problem, if one finds oneself obsessing over wether someone has liked or disliked a post based on their use of an emoji then that is something to look at within oneself.


Noooo… :worried: :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob::sneezing_face:!

In that case I would have to write more…! Or less…!

Well, I guess both cases wouldn’t be bad…


Actualism be like


or something.


:rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :policeman: :policeman: :policeman: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

  • Allow Emojis
  • Ban Emojis

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I don’t mean in the message, I mean as a “reaction”. The whole one click “upvote, thumbs up, love heart” thingy at the bottom of a post.

Probably the majority understood you well, @Andrew, but just in case a more specific survey can be added:

  • Allow REACTION emojis
  • Ban REACTION emojis

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Well, we have a winner. But first consider;

“The majority is always wrong, and the minority seldom right”.


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