I have had probably the best week of the year so far in terms of Excellence Experiences and well being. Though it seems that I am having more emotional dreams occurring, like my subconscious is more emotionally active.

Last night was such a long and realistic feeling dream.

In the dream me and my wife had managed to get a baby sitter to have our kids and decided to spend the day shopping in east London, we had plans to go to a restaurant, etc. It was a nice sunny day and it was really busy, lots of people out. Then suddenly there was a weird noise in the background. I kind of thought it sounded like gunfire but I dismissed it and thought I must be imagining it. Then it started to sound like it was getting closer. Then there were people screaming and running hysterically. This was similar to a real life experience that happened to me when working in London, there was a false alarm that people thought was a terrorist attack and people were running and screaming with mass hysteria. It was a crazy thing to actually experience. Police locked us in our building.

However, in the dream this wasn’t a false alarm. There were people being shot and killed. I couldn’t tell if there was a gunman low down or high up but there were definitely multiple gunmen.

It was a scramble to keep track of my wife in the rush of people and then people trying to find adequate hiding places. People were saying there were people getting run over by terrorists in vehicles too. It seemed like a major co-ordinated attack. I saw people get attacked and knew I had to get to a safer place but couldn’t locate my wife. There was so much fear and panic.

There were louder explosions and evidence of larger swathes of smoke. People were saying there were people blowing themselves up too. A large portion of the dream was brief conversations with strangers and trying to optimise my hiding place. There were constantly gunmen on the move and the need to move and stay hidden. Sometimes I would end up where large groups had gathered and I felt desperate to get away from these groups, like we were sitting ducks to the slaughter.

Eventually, I managed to get a signal and get through to my wife and she was in a safer place. Which was a relief. An improved police presence was helping the situation. I told her I was having to keep adjusting my hiding place due to people on the move, anywhere near main roads was too unsafe. Whilst talking to her, reassuring her I was getting to safety in the back roads I turned into a corner to see a suicide bomber. There was nothing I could do as he detonated and felt the blast wave hit me the energy and the heat and then I was awake.

Always nice to know that old saying if you die in your sleep you die in real life is not true lol.

I haven’t been so shaken by a dream in a long time. It was so detailed and felt so real.

Woah that’s intense, that felt like I was reading a novel. I actually thought you were going to survive in the dream right up until the very end :open_mouth: . I quite like these super elaborate dreams, I always wake up feeling like I have been on an adventure haha, my re-occuring theme is usually living in an apocalyptic world with zombies all around and finding ways to survive :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, it was definitely adrenaline inducing. A lot of people I know have mentioned re-occurring dreams involving zombies and apocalyptic scenarios. Now I am just hoping for a lucid dream.

Wow that is an intense one. Maybe ‘you’ are afraid of ‘your’ impending doom? That’s what the constant searching for a new hiding place made me think of. Eventually you will have no hiding places left if you continue :smiley: .

Reminds me that I had the same dream a few times of an atomic explosion going off and vaporizing me. In one case I felt intense regret as the shockwave came upon me, as I regretted that I wasn’t able to become actually free before dying. In a later case I had the experience of actually being completely vaporized, all my bodily matter disintegrating, but still consciously dreaming, and with being vaporized it came a sense of freedom and relief.

Lol, very perceptive @claudiu. You can run but you can’t hide “self”.

I have had that type of dream too with the nuke going off, without thinking of my regrets though. Sometimes I am in the blast radius and others just outside so worried about radiation poisoning, collapse of society etc.

Sometimes when dying there is a relief to know I won’t be experiencing anything anymore, which might sound a bit morbid but I think these days I am more afraid of suffering than of dying.

I think this is actually a beneficial thing to contemplate. I’ve had the thought of “well I can always just kill myself” if it gets really bad :sweat_smile: . But it was not in a suicidal sense. It was more that I knew I didn’t want to and never would want to kill myself… therefore it means the only thing I can do is work through this mess of the human condition. It made it clear to me I have to do it, there’s no choice but to.

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Yes, I get what you mean. But also there may be situations when letting yourself die is the optimum choice. I was watching a 9-11 documentary with my daughter because she asked about it she wanted to watch the documentary, it mentioned about the people jumping to their deaths rather than face the heat or wait to suffocate or burn to death. When younger I thought how horrible, now older and more wearier of suffering, I thought, damn yes, I probably would have jumped too. I can jump without any religious or societal guilt either, it must have been a very tough decision for some of these people, especially with some people’s religious views on suicide.

Maybe if you haven’t been having dreams, and now you are, that’s a good sign @son_of_bob. It’s certainly an indication of quality sleep, even if the subject matter was intense. I have had way more dreams in the last 3 months, some of which were to do with intense events from a couple of years ago, and that all seems to have done me the world of good.

I am not one for interpreting dreams. I don’t know the science but I would say they form part of an emotional/imaginative regulation process, rather than presenting a kind of allegorical narrative structure which can be meaningfully interpreted when awake.

In any case, last night I dreamt I met up with Richard and Vineeto :sweat_smile:. Richard looked nothing like he usually does, and came across as a bit of a madman haha. Vineeto on the other hand, I spent a lot of time with. We were just chilling and I remember asking her questions, asking her how she thought I was doing. I told her I thought maybe I was trying too hard, and her response was “try harder” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Oh god. Useless reply from me but good god :joy:

Hi @Felix, I have always been having dreams over the years but this was definitely the most realistic one I have had in ages. These days I tend to start to suspect I am possibly dreaming whilst in the dream, in an almost lucid dream state.

Yes, I agree. I tend not to read too much into them I do acknowledge that they sometimes bring up things that have been in my subconscious mind and emotional state that I have ignored or has been on the fringes, like worrying about a work meeting or some other subtle issue.

What I have definitely noticed so far is that each time that I have more success with the method, the emotional intensity of my dreams increases. It is like my day becomes more peaceful but my dreams go in the opposite direction. This has happened enough times for me not to think that it is just a coincidence.