Domain registration and hosting options

Techie brains trust here at discuss.actualism…. Any suggestions for good value hosting, domain registration and domain privacy protection? I’m currently running 3 sites including simple.actualism on SiteGround’s growbig plan and the costs seem to be heading skyward on renewal these days.They do charge a fair bit for domain privacy too. Needs to be user-friendly so that even I can use it :smile:

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The only one I can recommend at the moment is Webempresa, which I have been using for years. It’s based in Spain and its support and tools are excellent, but unfortunately only in Spanish. But at least you can have a look to compare prices with other services based in Europe.

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Also keeping the simple actualism site up would not be the worst use of the Alan fund

@henryyyyyyyyyy Yes, of course. But this is a more general question and mostly about the other websites really