Descriptions of Pure Intent

Whenever I turn my attention on a “feeling” so familiar, there is a pleasure or purity infiltrating the cells of my body. I am a walking cloud of pleasure. During the day, different emotions can occur… anger, sadness, anxiety but pure intent is different. Pure intent is not me alone like the other feelings but the universe mixing with “me” to create it’s own unique feeling, characterized by an outside force, a life force. The force that seems to make everything come together, the force that seems to make plants and flowers grow, the force in which things exist to flourish.

Pure intent is me and the universe combined leading me to purity but it’s not necessarily a force that “achieves”. It makes things easier to achieve because you don’t have to bounce around frustrating emotions. Pure intent doesn’t make you better at making money, but it makes you feel good, it makes you think clearly, it helps you seek out education that leads to the building of skillsets that produce all the things which must come together to make more money. Pure intent doesn’t help you achieve material things in action, but it makes things move toward you in that it’s easier to see and capture vast amounts of opportunities with the clarity that comes from feeling clear and good while experiencing pure intent.

So then, pure intent becomes is it’s own thing, not something used to get something else. If you want to make more money, you go do things to make more money and at the same time, if you want to experience pure intent, you can do that as well.

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