Description of actual freedom

I’m attempting to find a post/writing of Richards where he delineates the phenological characteristics of an actual freedom in kind of a point by point(maybe even bullet points or numerically) fashion. It’s by far the best summary of what an actual freedom from the human condition is in my opinion and I’m trying to share it with someone who asked. Unfortunately, I can’t find it after searching for it for quite a few hours and was wondering if anyone knows what I’m talking about and can locate it. I was pretty confident Richard wrote it but after asking Claudiu with help and he couldn’t find it I’m now wondering if it’s perhaps something Vineeto said post actual freedom but I still think it’s Richard. I’m really stunned that I can’t find this! It was such a damn gem and it’s unfortunate it’s buried somewhere on the aft! It should totally be in one of the definitions of actual freedom areas but apparently it’s not! LOL

Ha found it!

It’s in the footnote here: Vineeto's Report of Becoming Actually Free


Touchdown!!! :slight_smile:
Ah, this makes sense now why I couldn’t find it. The computer I’m on doesn’t let me click on the java links.

Nice work, thanks Claudiu!