Crises / time-rush cycle

I was watching all the cutscenes in all the ‘Halo’ games and noticed that at certain inflection points there is a sense of urgency, importance, which I connected is sourced in the psyche, I see it in myself when I’m chasing women or money especially.

We create crises because we feel that whatever we’re doing is important, and attempt - often successfully - to transmit that feeling to others, thus creating a communal crisis.

This is experienced as a time-rush demanding hurried action, which inevitably exhausts the body… so many of ‘our’ ill-fated schemes cannot be accomplished. They will remain forever unfinished, resulting in an overarching sense of disappointment, depression, exhaustion. We know we cannot accomplish ‘our’ aims, and yet remain unwilling to release the sense of importance that they hold over us.

The cycle is hope → rush → failure → exhaustion/depression → hope →

Always taken for granted is that what our feeling is telling us, is accurate

That the feelings of hope are accurate, that whatever activity will ‘get us the goods.’

That the negative feelings are accurate, that there is indeed ‘something bad happening.’

And we’re persistently willing to yoke our bodies to whatever most recent hare-brained scheme is invented (usually a re-hash of something already proven ineffectual), because we are miserable and must exist in hope that something better is ‘out there.’

This activity is inherently hard on our bodies and engenders exhaustion, which itself tends to impress additional depression upon the psyche.

Luckily there is a way out in bringing intelligence to the fore, actually examining and determining whether this or that emotional belief is accurate. Doing this or that because it is sensible rather than with the belief that it will bring relief.

And with the increasing ease of enjoyment & appreciation as a baseline, less and less is there a need to ‘escape’ to some hope, with the traumatic cycles of rushes & exhaustions that follow.

And with that increasing ease, a marvelous side-effect is ever-increasing clarity of mind, allowing for ever-increasing lucidity to determine the validity or falsity of beliefs. At some point one has reached an unavoidable escape velocity.

All I can do is continue.

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I used to love Halo.!

Very insightful.

There are plenty of dead end schemes that i have flogged, rehashed, reinvented, rebooted, reskinned, and rolled out for another round of morbidly hoping for the impossible.

I was watching clips of “Shawshank Redemption” the other night. The overwhelming message of hope and friendship had me in tears. For whatever reason, i also was watching clips yesterday of “Schindlers List”. Both had me in tears.

There is also something which i think gets lumped in with “hope”, which isn’t really the “wishing for the moon” variety.

Maybe tenacity? Maybe refusing to believe what is expected and safe.

The character “Red” warns “Andy” that hope is a dangerous thing. But is it really still hope when one has dug a hole through the wall? Is it hope when one has spent millions of dollars buying Jews to save them?

There is something compelling about this aspect of what is sometimes called “hope”. The rebellion against the brutality of humanity, whether for oneself of others is perhaps best called “nobility”? Maybe?


Something that I see a characteristic of ‘real-world’ ‘being’ is false confidence in one’s knowledge

So a case like you’re describing, I think, is reflective of humanity’s hope & fear dynamic: “you can’t dig through the wall!” “escape is impossible!” “you’ll be killed!”

All of these aren’t known, they’re fears.

Whereas the actual is recognizing the genuinely known quantities, what can clearly be sensorially-experientially confirmed, and what can’t. It’s not hope, it’s recognition of the possible. Becoming free falls into this category… “there is nothing in this universe which says that we must be miserable forever and a day.” The possibility is there.