Conventional wisdom

I find it very interesting to read and listen to other people’s expertise and worldviews. In the case of this illustrated quoted, which Jordan Peterson posted, it shows young children being forced into the “societal machine” which will rob them of their innocence, indoctrinate them with its values, subjugate them to its rules, take away their freedoms and then distract them from this with capitalistic media, entertainment, commerce (“bread and circuses”). It’s a fairly commonplace depiction.

But this societal “system”, which is depicted as being a kind of external draconian entity preying upon an innocent human race, is entirely predicated on the human condition itself (comprised of the instinctual passions) for its maintenance and perpetuation. There is no “societal system” per se. There are just humans feeling and behaving as humans do according to their nature. Of course there is a historical/institutional aspect of society (laws and precedents and operating systems) based on tradition and “wisdom”, but this too is only maintained by the people on earth right now who feel and behave according to those beliefs and who respect those rules and traditions.

Everyone is going around either trying to win the game of society, or decry/denounce society, or change society, or survive society, or distract themselves from society - but the people (us) being put into that machine as kids like in the cartoon are the ones (again, us) who are building, greasing and repairing that machine from the inside as adults. If the machine were destroyed, as modern anarchists and anti-establishmentarians propose, it would simply rebuild itself according to the human condition as it was built in the first place. And actually, without the machine, there would be more human malice/sorrow in the form of unbridled instinctual behaviour, not less.

The only way to dismantle society is to dismantle the human condition, and the only way to dismantle the human condition is to dismantle oneself.