Built-in translation?

This may be a pie in the sky but while I was writing my most recent response to Miguel I was aware that he was going to have to run my wordy post through google translate.

And I remembered that twitter contains a feature whereby you can simply click a ‘translate?’ button on a tweet in another language and it changes it to your language of choice.

Could such a tool be integrated here?

Also I’m remembering that google has a translation tool that you can run a whole website through at once

Thanks for your consideration, but no!: I very rarely need to translate anything (it is less rare to look up a word in an online dictionary). What I do tend to use translators for is to write my posts in spanish if they are complex or long, mostly for speed (then I correct their english to my taste).

I will look anyway if there is a plugin for this, similar to Twitter’s feature.

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I had it backwards!

It’s so neat that we have these technological means for making things more convenient & speedy. So much faster than pulling out the spanish-english dictionary every time you can’t remember a noun!

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In iOS you can just mark the text and choose “translate”, is there something similar on android?

Not embedded in the OS, but surely there are similar applications

If the Google translate App is installed on an Android phone, it adds the option to translate when text is highlighted.