And which book have I been reading the month I became actually free? Well, Mr. Marlon Brando’s autobiography ‘Songs My Mother Taught Me’ of course!

The guy wasn’t very far off the mark! Check this out:


Haha folks I urge you to read it if you can find a copy! Chapter 60 is prophetic. Instead of white lab coat scientists discovering what Marlon described as the “genetic alteration” (what we here know as the “irreversible mutation in consciousness” that occurs when one becomes actually free from the human condition) mankind so desperately needs, it was an Aussie farm boy that did it! :yum:


Pretty sharp guy!

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It’s so magical that it happened this way

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Oh my! He was almost in the wondrous path! Marlon good dissertation on human nature but focus more on feeling good-great-ex!

Yeah, some very astute observations there. I don’t know if it’s more funny or more sad that his preferred solution in the end was… ice cream.


Activating delight :joy:

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Yeah, there are worse ways to do that! Like snorting Liam Gallagher’s psoriasis flakes, for just one example…

You were so close to being my wonderwall man :sob:


I’m watching Attack on Titan right now (still on season 1), and have been having a really interesting time with it. It’s always asking questions like this and putting characters in the most intense situations imaginable

And I’ve been finding the seductive power in such sacrifices. I’ve experienced this before with other stories, it just happens that Attack on Titan really leans into it.

It’s been really delightful stopping at such inflection points and reflecting on the relevance to becoming free. I really can live up to that drama that we all seek, to save humanity. I’ve experienced a broad range of emotion in my life, from deep depressions and grief to periods of being just about as happy as a human can be. I can see the importance that becoming free holds… to create a world where people don’t have to suffer like I have anymore. Every day I can see myself getting closer to that future. It’s nice having a show like this to remind me what it is I’m doing.

In a similar note to the Brando quotes above, I can see that this isn’t something that only us actualists have been engaged in… many, many people down the years have tackled these problems, and in a lot of ways they have all contributed little skills and keys to how to have vitality and delight in life. We’re just the last effort over the top. I’m delighted in that, to make that contribution. It does feel important.


The purity in these words. Ufff. Pure poetry. fist bump

I find that a very compelling motive for doing this too. Seeing how people through the ages have tried so hard in so many ways to make sense of life and get the best out of it.

Not just the brilliant and heroic ways either! In fact, one of the turning points for me was a clear memory of an old guy in saggy elephant pants who used to do the rounds of hospital wards giving out bananas and having a joke with the patients. I saw that even after years of introspection, study and effort, I wasn’t feeling the simple, clean, ordinary human happiness that this guy was feeling and sharing with the people around him without any fuss.

Along with the realisation that I can feel good because I care, not because I don’t, it helped to bring all of ‘me’ on board with ordinary human happiness. With nothing thwarting it or diverting it, it’s amazing what an extraordinarily powerful thing it can be, just a whisker away from the ultimate at times. It’s like Milito said, how much better can this get?

I’m firmly convinced that what Claudiu said in his journal is right. Anyone and everyone can do this because it’s not a special skill and there’s nothing standing in the way except ‘my’ objections and resistances.

When all of ‘me’ is aligned with the goal, that’s when the “thick of ‘me’” is thinned out the most. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that all of ‘me’ is glowing with harmless enjoyment. The push and pull factors are both there, so it’s about hanging out in this space until sooner or later my tattooed lady appears, and ‘I’ disappear :smiley: