Basey's Diary

Thank you Felix for the idea. I am new to this way of living. I will minimize the good and bad feelings and optimize the happy, naïve and optimistic ones.


Welcome, Basey

Welcome! I am pleased to see another person taking it upon themselves to minimize the good and bad feelings and maximize the felicitous ones :slight_smile:

Can I ask how you came across actualism and what interests you about it? It’s always interesting to hear!

I found this place in Google!

The PCE sounds wonderful. Why don’t we feel good all the time? Very sensible to do this!


Yes! :dancer: :man_dancing:


Welcome Basey. That’s also what drew me to actualism - feeling good just makes so much sense!

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I am feeling upset at having been betrayed by my friend. How could I have trusted her? I cannot summon naivete. Robert Greene’s second law of power has firmly got a hold on me. Is this me being more realistic? Or is this me fooling myself as a cynic?

Hey @Basey feeling betrayed by a friend is a good opportunity to look at exactly what your relationship to your friend consists of. If you go deeper into the betrayal/trust you might find certain expectations you had on your friend to act in a certain way.

Feeling betrayed means that there is an expectation that another person will act in a way that I want/demand them to. Trust is also a good one to delve into because you might find that you trust others because you lack confidence in standing on your own two feet.

This is slightly guesswork on my part as you didn’t include too many specifics but I would recommend to look at exactly what this betrayal and trust consist of as that can be a goldmine for deeper emotional structures to become apparent.

Eventually the whole game of feeling betrayed, looking for trust can be seen as silly i.e. unnecessary. You can come to see that you are better off without these.

As to Rober Greene’s second law of power I had a quick google search and I can see that he advises to never place too much trust in friends. With Actualism the whole concept of trust is put under a microscope and eventually it can be seen that trust itself is what needs to be eliminated, along with self induced feelings of betrayal.

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I’m just seeing this now but I’d say much of Robert’s “Laws of Power” seem pretty selfish and juvenile. They do a good job illuminating the exact problems an actual freedom from the human condition would solve.

As much as I’d like to write a critique of his rules, I’d much rather just say be careful taking advice from that man. It seems like it could lead to a lot of pain and suffering for yourself and others.