Badges... really?

Are we set on this? Earning ‘badges’?
Half my notifications is me earning badges lol. Can’t wait for that to quiet down. Is this really motivating anyone to do anything they wouldn’t have done anyway?
Feels like chocolate cookies lol.
Give the man a like, earn a cookie!

But eh, I’m ready to be wrong on that one.

Yeah good point. I feel like a 5 star general and Nobel laureate rolled into one already :))

Guys, any way to reduce the badge blitz?

Well I just realised I am still on the basic badge :disappointed_relieved: so I haven’t even noticed them so far. The concept of it does seem like an extra that doesn’t really serve any practical purpose, certainly not for someone interested in ditching the hierarchy anyways.

Your wish is my command. Badges are disabled.

Physical body thinking: “No, badges doesn’t make any sense for a forum like this”

Feeling being commenting: “Well…”

Physical body questioning: “But wouldn’t attaining actual freedom be incomparably superior to earning badges?”

Feeling being answering: “Well…”


Would be cool if had just one badge: “Achieving actual freedom from the human condition”.

They were really annoying so thanks for disabling them. :slight_smile:

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What about instead of badges we use badgers? :badger:. I think actualism needs an animal to go with our Hibiscus. Yes badgers are quite aggressive but i think …they aspire to be better.

Awarding myself 1 x :badger: for thinking of that :blush:.

There it is; you earned it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, someone (or something, let’s be kind to our bot friends) is using the forum’s built in search engine to look for capybaras so maybe that’s what the animal should be.

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