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@geoffrey At the moment of self-immolation was it altruism that did it for you or what was it?

Geoffrey’s report of becoming free for context

I realised that I would indeed gladly die right now, gladly give away all I am, all I ever was, all I’ve done and felt since I was born, for peace-on-earth to be apparent (not even for me but) for everybody. For things to be as they are. And that it would be of no importance at all. No ‘weight’, no drama… just the only thing that made sense, the only sensible thing.

I was walking on a dirt path, in the shadows of the trees, a few hundred meters from home, with a big smile on my face, when everything stopped.

@henryyyyyyyyyy Thanks, that does sound like altruism which is lacking for me. I am trying to determine what actually causes it to happen at the moment of immolation. What is the final trigger?

I am not free so I can only speak to what I’ve read / limited experience with near-actual caring.

What I am aware of is that everyone who has become free has had an element of altruism in their process. Reading the various reports of becoming free is useful for that.

I also found this link that is a treatment of actual altruism, I recommend clicking the little yellow boxes to really get into the subject.

Altruism is a self-sacrificial moment, which is required for ‘me’ to vacate the throne.

Another example of altruism at work is a mother sacrificing her life to save her child, though Richard argues that that is not true altruism as the mother identifies with the child/fellow human and thus it is still selfishness.

This gives some indication of the ‘big deal’ that actually sacrificing oneself consists of. But luckily, we do have that self-sacrifical instinct to save others… that is what opens the door to the possibility of freedom: I will happily sacrifice myself to protect the others.

Once it is seen clearly enough that this is worth it, freedom happens. This is obvious in Geoffrey’s report excerpted above: ‘…just the only thing that made sense, the only sensible thing.’

Up to that moment eventuating, ‘I’ always am clouded somehow, there is something I am missing, there is something I am hanging onto.

My advice for generating altruism caring is to find someone that you really, really care about, anyone in your life alive or dead. Recognize that you want/wanted the best life for them. Contemplate what that means, how can you give them the best life possible? If you follow this thread, it leads to freedom: and since you can’t eventuate anyone else’s freedom, the best thing you can do is become free yourself, thus being peace-on-earth yourself (directly improving their life) and further opening the door to others becoming free (indirectly improving their life / the lives of all humanity.)

Another useful ‘altruism caring generator’ is looking at past examples of extreme suffering, really researching into them, looking at historical photographs of the events themselves. Contemplate on why those events happened, and recognize that free individuals would not cause such crimes and great suffering to continue.


changed ‘altruism’ to ‘caring’ because altruism as understood in actualism is a one-time event, where one can generate additional care / near-actual caring which can/will eventually lead to that one-time event occurring.


I’m thinking that if one is ready then it comes down to an actual decision that one makes at that moment. I remember an experience I had of nipping something in the bud and when I looked at it I saw that it was a decision that I made at that moment that stopped it.
This has helped me to see that the final trigger to self immolate is a decision one makes at that moment.


Yes, I am the only one that can make that decision.

Technically it is the universe that ‘frees this body’

But ‘I’ have to ‘allow it to happen’

Richard describes it as, ‘nothing I can do and nothing I can’t.’

When I was in Ballina, Richard emphasized to me to be a friend to myself, because I am the only one that can do everything necessary for this body to become free once and for all. The identity James is the only one that can do that

It is for this reason that Richard says, “I am full of admiration for the identity Richard that did everything that was necessary all those years ago to become free.”

Every day that you continue engaging with actualism in any form, you are engaging in that caring, that action.

How far will you go?

You also have the most fantastic ally supporting you from ‘outside’: this actual universe.

Not sure what you mean here.

The actual is everything that exists, the identity works overtime to maintain its reality.

Every step we take toward the actual world is immediately rewarded because it is what is actually happening, all the time.

As if we have an ally in our efforts to become free.

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Yes I see what you mean, it is our identity that is our ally outside the actual world.

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Ha, I guess what I’m saying then is that it’s all allies :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think I see what you mean but not exactly sure.

What aspect are you unsure of?

Unsure of exactly what you mean by ‘it’s all allies’.

My experiencing is predicated on 3 entities:

‘I’ the Ego (“who I think I am”)

‘I’ the soul (“who I feel that I am”)

and I, the physical body in this actual universe. - who I physically, actually am.

When ‘I’ the ego says, “I am the one who is becoming free of the human condition - nothing can stop me”

and the soul says, “I feel more and more that I can/will become actually free”

and the physical body is ALREADY in the actual universe…

Then everyone is in alignment, everyone is allied, and fireworks start to happen.

And of course there is friction and things to be worked out because the identity and the soul aren’t pure, but that’s what we’ve signed up for - that is the whole process!

I see what you are saying although I would say that the physical body is what I am and not who I am. Also, I’m not sure the ‘soul’ (‘me’) is in alignment.

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Agreed about ‘what I am,’ yes.

Regarding the soul being in alignment, that’s what the caring aspect is for

The purpose of the soul is to protect me / by extension protect humanity.

All this searching into freedom is directly connected to that, ‘protect humanity.’

That’s the real reason the soul is on board. And that’s what the altruistic self-immolation is for: I see that if I make the decision, ‘step out of the way,’ then it does the absolute best job possible of protecting humanity.

Thus, the soul is the best ally to have in becoming free - and a necessary one, if immolation is to happen.

But it can’t be faked. The deep you has to CLEARLY see that it is for the best.

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Every day I continue this action, ‘Henry becoming free via actualism,’ because the soul keeps saying: “yes, this is the thing to do.”

As I see it, the soul doesn’t want Henry to become free because that would be the end of ‘me’.

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Unless it means, ‘better for humanity.’

Thanks to that very useful self-sacrificial instinct.

It is very extreme.