I am not tripping on mushrooms right now.

I am tripping on this woman’s art.

Look at how she captures the light!!!

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I have never really had the desire to buy anyone’s art, because If I wanted to, I could make my own. Well, actually I already have my own on the wall.

This painter’s work must be worth a house in the suburbs, but Dang!


It’s like I could walk behind them, or pick up the vase.

Never seen someone capture light so perfectly.

Yeah this is the kind of art I was always fascinated from since a kid - the art which tries to capture something real…She is looking like one of those artists who does it so well

In the last company where I worked, there was a photoshop artist colleague who would sketch something abstract n complicated n what not n he asked me to like his Art page…to which I asked him to make something real first :laughing: