“Archive 81” explained via the psyche

Recently watching Archive 81 on Netflix. It is super interesting for me, brings me tingles and shivers when I watch it.

Spoilers may follow but nothing too egregious.

Part of what goes on in the show alludes to there being a demon or demons that are “pulling people in”. The people get entranced, start feeling weak / shaky, become increasingly horrified, and eventually if they aren’t able to ward off the demon (by for example drawing black lines on a piece of paper repeatedly to “keep from falling in”) they get ‘struck’ by the demon and for example have a seizure or start screaming and clawing their face out.

What I’m seeing is that this abject horror that is being portrayed is basically the visceral feeling of dread that someone could have for starkly glimpsing the abyss that is the ‘evil’ side of the human condition. That is what they are really portraying / alluding to - and no doubt why it brings me tingles and why it’s interesting for people to watch - is because it depicts this fear or dread that people can intuitively understand.

It’s the fear that comes from glimpsing deep into the psyche itself , in an unprepared manner … which I think must come from the fear of nonexistence , ie the fear of seeing that it doesn’t really exist / isn’t really actual (as we would put it). Or perhaps the fear of seeing what is at the root of ‘me’, this abyssal abysmal horror and terror. There be some fucked up shit in the human psyche yo.

Which is funny cause it all can feel so overwhelming, but then when ‘I’ quietly / without any fuss slip away, it is seen that not only does it not exist but it doesn’t even particularly matter that it doesn’t exist. All much ado about nothing …


Awesome, I’ve been looking for something good to watch on Netflix so I will give this one a go :smiley: