Today, the 6th of September, is the anniversary of Richard becoming enlightened.

  1. 41 years ago.

I was in pre-school googling (back when that just meant staring at) a pretty brown eyed girl.


And @geoffrey becoming actually free too! 6th September 2018 according to the audio :grin:

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Guess that means I have to self immolate today or wait another year! :smile:


@andrew You’ve got strange information going around in your brainz hahaha. The date of Richard becoming Enlightened?.. I’m not sure I’ve ever known that lol.
Anyway, there’s no ‘Richard’ (aka God at that point) to wish a good birthday to eh.

@Kub933 “You’ve got strange information going around in your brainz hahaha.”
Ok maybe not that strange if you’ve listened to the ‘audio’ recently. I do believe the date is mentioned in my report. Not sure why really. Maybe because I wrote it in the following weeks.
Anyway the level as to which this appears of zero importance to me now is staggering hahaha.
Is it my ‘actual birthday’? Ok. :partying_face:
Not sure what’s up with birthdays anyway, to tell you the truth :joy:

Still, thanks to this information, and after some advanced calculation, I managed to figure out that it’s been 4 years!
Which is… errr… cool?
Honestly I have zero reaction :grin:

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I have 2 1/2 hours to make it a trifecta. No pressure.

Nah, I just was reading the AFT and saw the date.

Then, hold on!

It was also the same moment. It was now when it happened, and now, now.

He also became actually free, now.

Nowny nowny now now.

lol yeah I thought as much

Yup, I’ve told my family this year I’m abandoning birthdays so not to expect anything from me no more, ahh the freedom :yum:

Yea!!! The earth is in the same spot relative to the sun … as it was 4 cycles ago … … uhm great I guess ? :open_mouth:

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