An Actualism Wiki

I was thinking that it might be nice to have an actualism wiki with a number of collaborators adding material to it organically over time. I’m happy to contribute - and whoever else wants to can just add little bits to it as and when they wish.

It would be written in plain English, more point by point and less evocative probably than the style in Simple Actualism or the AFT.

What software could we use to do this? Something that looks a bit more modern than wikipedia and with a web interface would be good.


Ooh I like the sound of that.

Absolutely, we have a whole thread on this back in Feb.

I keep reading people’s posts and thinking, "man, that is great, I wish it was linked up to something ".

Happy to help.

Yeah, I think that’s a good point Andrew. Would be a good way to extract some neat ideas posted here and stick them into some organised structure for accessibility later and to see how that idea connects with others in the overall picture

This is a discord server right?

Hmm, doesn’t seem there is a wiki option according to Wikipedia.

Actually, we could “ape” a wiki using post links.

Creating a channel called " wiki" then each thread is a topic with links to threads.

What we do informally now.

Only thing is, the link is a dead end. A wiki would let us keep “surfing” links.

Seems gamers are creating wikis on discord.

Don’t totally understand that. If a post was to be incorporated, it would be edited for clarity and then inserted into the wiki rather than simply linking a whole post … or at least that was what I was thinking

Yeah, I was just riffing. Trying to avoid creating work for anyone.

Found this too


Wiki.js I’ve heard of. Fandom probably a bit too fantasy, gaming, scifi flavoured for us? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, articles. With links to the original discussion.

I am thinking “minimum viable product” with that idea.

If a discussion exists, then link it to a topic. Then if someone is so inclined to create an article, awesome, otherwise it’s just a collection of links around topics.

Each user could then create links without needing the formality of creating an article.

Also we would want one without ads I imagine

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Whatever works.

Whatever is easy and gets done. It can always be made into something better later.

Besides, I am technically a fan of actualism, rather than an actualist. If Fandom works, great.

Yes, no ads! Or maybe just ads for Richard Merch like yellow polo shirts and hibiscus board shorts :wink:

Each user could then create links without needing the formality of creating an article.

Andrew, that’s not a bad idea. But the downside is that it would mostly be usable only to forum participants. I was thinking of it as more of a resource for the general public

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This forum is technically public.

Honesty, as a resource and tool for those already interested, a wiki will evolve naturally.

I would be all over it. Linking like a mofo.

Wikipedia is editable by anyone, which is wild. Something which allows for a degree of freedom, say with some nominated moderators, will evolve the fastest with the least burden on the few.

Over the years the programmers amongst us have bourne the burden of all these great ideas and chat room setups.

Let the plebs create! Something really basic and easy to set up.

With interested peeps moderating as they deem necessary.

This is a Discourse server. The only wiki Discourse has is the wiki post, like this one (it means that ANY user can write in it/modify it).

Andrew: Ah, I see

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Oh, discourse, not discord.


Hmm, interesting…

That could be cool for casually co-authored articles.

I just tested the “select all” copy.

It would be easy enough to save copies of wiki posts.

I will keep that in mind.

@Miguel @claudiu @Srinath

Maybe we can have a category on this forum (like the “journals” “water-cooler” etc) for articles? “Articles / Wiki Posts”

Then we can test the general enthusiasm for creative writing/ articles, without anyone going to the effort of setting up a dedicated wiki?

I have few that I think would be useful, and now I know they can be “wiki posts” , others could chime in if they want.

If someone wants to start a discussion, then linking in a new thread somewhere else would be easy.

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Hmm I’m open to it. Every initial post there will be a wiki. And then discussion to go along with it - but the article should stand on its own. Makes it easy to link to other places here and we don’t have to learn a new interface or host somewhere else …

What the other staff thinks?

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Yeah! That’s even better. Then as the discussion develops, people can add to the initial article.
Maybe just add their own avatar e.g. @Andrew , to the edits if they wish.

Copies can be made as people wish, as a personal backup, and incase of accidents etc.