Alaska Convivium 2022

@JonnyPitt and @edzd have been here this week and we’ve been having the best time, visiting all the forests and beaches and chatting our mouths off. Thought I’d share this pic and invite you all for next time — December?? :wink:


Woah that’s awesome, what a place for an Actualist meet up as well!

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After we had those chats, I was fantasising about living in Alaska.

I would be up for it if I can get the money together.

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We really need to get our shit together here in Europe. Norway actualism meetup, @solvann? :joy:


Oh yes I’m down. If we have any traveling bohemians I have a couch available as well, someone could take a trip around the globe from actualist to actualist :smiley:

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The Alaska pics look amazing (referencing the northern lights pics as well you sent in the other post).

Fascinating, we are all scattered around the world so randomly. How many Europeans actualists are there?

I wish I had the money to do an actualist world tour lol.


You European folks got to get your act together? The North American Contingent of Actualists are having their meeting in the least accessible State in the Union. :joy: Looks totally amazing though. My wife just sent me a video on Alaska showing how beautiful it is so maybe there is a snow ball chance in Hell I’ll make it there. :slight_smile:


Also — Portugal!! Spring is good time to come generally (April/may)

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I can’t believe I have never been Portugal actually. Not far from the UK lol.

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My favourite wine is Portuguese.

Notes I made while up there:

  1. Beauty is light in the darkness: No darkness and no need for beauty
  2. People are only playing the game they think they can win. Give them a break. They’re just trying to win because they don’t know of a better way. And they chose that game because they think they can win in it.
  3. Every movement towards an emotion is a choice to move away from the actual world.
  4. Every movement away from an emotion and towards feeling felicitous is a choice to move closer to the actual world.
  5. Flush out the fantasy in it’s entirety. Instead of picking up the situation where ever and when ever we want and then leaving the situation while it’s still ideal, complete the fantasy and see all the aspects of the situation that would make your life worse or not much better.
  6. When happy and harmlessness, compare it to the fantasy. Notice how nothing can be fundamentally better than this except more of it.
  7. Get all of yourself on board. This was the single most talked about thing throughout the trip. Allow yourself to flush out every decision and every good/bad emotion, every fantasy and see what it is you really want.
  8. Reveling in the body is the solution to boredom. As boredom is a psychological rejection to being here. Feeling the body’s dynamic energy play out in physical space brings one back to naiveté.
  9. Happy and Harmlessness isn’t that far removed from normal day to day being. The single difference is the knowledge that it’s better to be happy in one’s circumstances dealing with one’s issues than not to be.
  10. From Happy and Harmlessness comes stable EE’s. From EE’s come PCEs. The PCE can devolve into an EE. And the EE can devolve back to happy and harmlessness or back into a PCE. An ongoing cycle can repeat if happy and harmlessness is the base.

This is the best piece of advice on dealing with other people. @hunterad , I think this is really key to that discussion about being likeable and liking.

Understanding this observation takes all the mystery out of people in general. Everyone is playing the game they think they can win. It’s easy to like them, even if it’s a shit game. I’m playing my game because I think I can win. What’s the difference?

That all sounds pretty good! The proof will be in the pudding of course … of one or more of you self immolating!! :smile:

@Andrew’s reminded me lately that a lot of enjoying & appreciating is also an encouraging sign!