Actualist Online Blog Setup and Design

As per @solvann suggestion. This is a thread to discuss the Actualist Online Blog. Currently @claudiu has written a great piece on there. Would be great to have more writers with their own contributions. Really it could be anything or something specific - similar to a post you would put up here or an entry in your journal, except of course you’d be writing for an audience not/dimly aware of actualism and it would need to have some ‘take home’ messages.

Anyway that’s by the by. This thread is mostly to address technical issues. I can set up another thread to discuss blog articles.

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Is the blog running Wordpress? I suggest we first find a ready-made template we agree on and then tweak it to our desire, similar to what we did here.


Also in terms of the blog name , I got a bunch of domain names , that may be more suitable …

You say in addition to “” (i.e., before “” like “discuss” here, or after “”), or replacing “” entirely?

I like as the URL for the forum – I don’t think to change that

But for the blog, maybe something besides is better , on a different domain ?

So “in addition” to :slight_smile:

Oh, OK.

Then my inclination would be for anything short :blush:

“” is too mundane? :smiley:

But, more seriously, maybe “” IS the best name given that is short, convey the actual purpose/function of that space (it will be a blog), facilitates the work of search engines, etc. For example, “discuss” is a very good name for THIS space (perhaps second only to “” -well, I AM mundane- :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

I like Terra Arcadia best. Arcade Fire would be cooler but that’s taken!

Some more ideas

Dancing Munks of Ballina
Larval Universes
Sense and Sensibility (ok not super original)
Flesh n Blood (sounds rock n roll - noice)
Sense Stream
Actualizan (hehe the result of autocorrect)
Actualism Overground (just kidding)

My vote is for something quirky, that makes people go WTF is that?

Dude no, please! Hahaha

So, seeing that my mundane taste will probably not be accompanied by masses of actualists, my next vote would be for something somewhere in the middle, like “happy-and-harmless”.

If actualists were still dissatisfied for lacking something quirky or for not inviting people to go WTF, I’d agree to transforming it into “happy-and-harmless-and-so-what” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If it were not extreme enough, I could add these proposals:



BUT, if I had to choose the most attractive and balanced for me, it would be “terra-actualis”.

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I like because that states clearly what it is without confusion.

I like Terra Actualis. It sounds like a library of everyday observations and stories from a wide range of actualists. Like travelogues from actuality.

(any of Srinath’s more insane suggestions work as well though, I’m never going to back down from weird)


My only hesitation with terra actualis is , it is a term Richard coined to refer to the actual world — so if there are feeling-being authors on the blog not sure it makes sense?? That being said we have glimpses and temporary sojourns into said terra , so … maybe ok :slight_smile:

Terra Arcadia is cooler I think but also a bit mystical In a nature kind of way. Maybe obscures the simplicity of the message a bit??? Not strong opinions

Some time ago I was entertaining website ideas, and leisurely browsing available domain names… I do remember being quite tempted by “terra actualis” hahaha.

Looking at Srinath’s awesome list of ideas, he gets my vote anyway, whatever he picks lol.
Not that I expect that I’ll write blog posts… so maybe I shouldn’t get a vote. :sweat_smile:


Yes, I would not use “arcadia”.

lol actually just read this part of the post and now I like terra Arcadia again

@Miguel why no Terra Arcadia?

Looking it up in Websters it says: English speakers often use arcadia to designate a place of rustic innocence and simple, quiet pleasure

But I guess everyone has different associations. Its not a word I think of really and I don’t have strong associations to it

Maybe we can draw up a short list and put it to a vote?

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The more I read about it the more fitting I think it is. A lot of actual things have been spiritualised or mystified. As Vineeto often said, the problem with words is that they were all created by feeling beings

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